WATCH: Security Tackles Protester at DeSantis Campaign Event in Iowa

A security guard tackled a climate protester at a campaign event for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in Iowa on Thursday.

The protester had climbed onto the stage and held a sign that read, “DeSantis: Climate Criminal.”

Moments later, the protester was tackled.

“That is is wrong with the college system right there, that’s exhibit A,” DeSantis said as the protester was removed.

The incident was captured on video by CBS reporter Aaron Navarro.

A protestor at this DeSantis event in Ames, IA hopped on stage w/a banner reading “DeSantis: Climate Criminal”

He was quickly taken off by security.

“This is [what’s] wrong with the college system, right there. That’s exhibit A,” DeSantis said, pointing to the protestor.

— aaron navarro (@aaronlarnavarro) January 12, 2024

Other climate protesters disrupted the event but did not rush to the stage.

“Second thing is second, excuse me, hold on. Excuse me. I’m doing this…. but you’re interrupting and you’re being rude. Everyone else is listening. And you’re butting in. I don’t care. I know you have an agenda. I know you have an agenda,” DeSantis told the protesters as they were being removed from the event.

There was a protestor before this and after this in the crowd as well. Both were taken out by security.

Activists with the Sunrise Movement also interrupted his Fox News town hall earlier this week, and that night, they pledged “further action in IA” in a release.

— aaron navarro (@aaronlarnavarro) January 12, 2024

The Never Back Down PAC hosted the event.

The protesters were part of a group called “The Sunrise Movement,” which also rushed the stage during DeSantis’ debate with Nikki Haley on January 10.

The group’s website states they are “a movement of young people fighting to stop the climate crisis and win a Green New Deal.”

Lately, DeSantis has been seeing us almost as much as he sees his fossil fuel donors.

And for some reason his security guards aren’t as friendly to us as they are to them.

— Sunrise Movement (@sunrisemvmt) January 12, 2024

“We believe everyone should have access to clear air and water, full pantries of food, affordable housing, free public transportation, good and meaningful jobs, vibrant community centers, and lives filled with joy,” the Sunrise Movement website says. “We’re building a movement to make that happen.”

In a section of their website titled “Movement Wins,” the group claims to have “hundreds of chapters across the countries,” helped plan global climate strikes, and took credit for 23 of 25 Democrat presidential candidates endorsing the Green New Deal.

The organization has over 266,000 followers on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

After the debate, the group told The Hill they plan to disrupt more events ahead of the caucuses.

“Whether it’s DeSantis, Biden, or Trump we’re fed up with politicians who’d rather let people suffer and die than stand up to oil and gas millionaires,” Amalia Hochman, who asked a question during the town hall, said in a statement to the outlet.

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