Germany’s Failing Scholz Stoops To Spreading Rumors and Conspiracy Theories – Wants To Tarnish and Criminalize Rapidly Rising AfD

The badly failing German Chancellor Olaf Scholz needs some – any – positive agenda he can find to try to revert his relentless downward plunge in the polls.

And the lower he falls, paradoxically, the haughtier his rhetoric becomes. Go figure.

Since he is the heir to the Godmother of mass migration, Angela Merkel, and given that the rightwing parties – notably AfD – are vastly outperforming his political movement in the polls, it makes a perverted sense for him to go out in the offensive against the frontrunners over this issue so dear to him.

So Scholz went out and ‘sharply condemned alleged plans by members of far-right groups who supposedly met recently at a mansion outside Berlin to devise a plot to deport millions of immigrants, even those with German citizenship, if the groups take power.’

I’m sorry to point out that the Chancellor is engaging in textbook ‘conspiracy theory’. He ‘theorizes’ that a ‘conspiracy’ is taking place with secret and nefarious objectives.

It’s a supposed meeting and an alleged plan.

Associated Press reported:

“The alleged plan, which was published in an article by the investigative journalists’ group Correctiv on Wednesday, has led to an uproar in the country because it echoes the Nazis’ ideology of deporting all people who are not ethnically German.”

This of course has all the marks of a complete hoax, but it gave the failing Chancellor an opportunity to grandstand and virtue signal.

He will not ‘allow anyone living in the country’ to be judged based on their nationality.

“’We protect everyone — regardless of origin, skin color or how uncomfortable someone is for fanatics with assimilation fantasies’, the chancellor wrote on X, formerly Twitter.”

What he calls fanatics with assimilation fantasies is actually the overwhelming sentiment of the population who is tired of unchecked mass migration gutting the German society from within.

But the next part is the kicker: “’Anyone who opposes our free democratic order’ is a case for Germany’s domestic intelligence office and the judiciary, he said, adding that learning the lessons from Germany’s history should not just have been lip service.”

This is the plan: to criminalize AfD and other rightwing and populist movements – and to do so not based on their actual deeds or ideological programs but rather to justify it with rumors and innuendo.

“According to the report by Correctiv, members of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, and the extremist Identarian Movement participated in the meeting in November.

At the meeting, a prominent member of the Identitarian Movement, Austrian citizen Martin Sellner, presented his ‘remigration’ vision for the deportation of immigrants, he confirmed to the German press agency dpa.”

In a way, for liberal snowflakes to call anyone to the right of Mao Zedong a ‘Nazi’ is to be expected.

However, super unpopular Scholz spent the last two years spending a fortune in taxpayers’ Euros to prop up the real-life, unapologetic Nazi regime of Ukraine – and he is still doing that to his day: Unpopular Chancellor Scholz Berates EU Leaders for Insufficient Ukraine Aid, as Germany Sees a Spike of 51% in Asylum Seekers.

So the talking point revolves around this conspiracy, and the ‘straw man’ is that German citizens will be targeted – which is a way of besmirching the whole upcoming effort of deportation.

Make no mistake, mass deportation is set to be a feature in many western, formerly developed countries. Even in the US, frontrunner Donald Trump makes no secret about this.

The scourge of unchecked mass migration, that started for earnest in 2015, has brought many of these societies to the brink, and Germany is not an exception.

It’s no surprise that AfD is surging, firmly in second place nationally with around 20% support – roughly double the 10.3% it won during the last federal election in 2021.

‘It is especially strong in eastern Germany, where state elections are slated to take place later this year in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg. The AfD is leading the polls in all three states with more than 30% support.’

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