Trump Asks Court AGAIN to Hold Jack Smith in Contempt for “Knowingly, Repeatedly and Blatantly” Violating Judge’s Order

President Trump once again asked Judge Tanya Chutkan to hold Special Counsel Jack Smith in contempt for violating her order staying all proceedings in the January 6 case against Trump.

Last month Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan paused Trump’s January 6 case in DC amid a dispute over the former president’s immunity argument.

“The prosecutors’ filings and productions, Docs 188, 191, attempt to achieve both of those unlawful goals,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in a motion accusing Jack Smith of “knowingly, repeatedly and blatantly violating this Court’s Stay Order.”

Trump’s legal counsel accused Jack Smith of illegally filing motions to flood the media with anti-Trump headlines.

“It is not a coincidence that the Biden Campaign, the prosecutors, and “sources” close to the prosecutors are all attempting to simultaneously flood the airwaves with matching anti-Trump rhetoric during the Stay,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

NEW: Trump’s lawyers filed another motion asking Judge Chutkan to hold Special Counsel Jack Smith in contempt for continuing to violate a court order that put on hold the pretrial schedule pending resolution of presidential immunity question.

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) January 13, 2024

This is the second time Trump has asked the Court to hold Jack Smith in contempt in the January 6 case in DC where the special counsel hit him with 4 counts: Conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

“President Donald J. Trump respectfully moves this Court for an order to show cause why prosecutors Jack Smith, Molly Gaston, and Thomas Windom (collectively, the “prosecutors”) should not be held in contempt for violating the Court’s order “stay[ing] any further proceedings that would move this case towards trial or impose additional burdens of litigation on Defendant.” Doc. 186 at 2 (the “Stay Order”).” Trump’s lawyer wrote earlier this month in the order reviewed by The Gateway Pundit.

“The Stay Order is clear, straightforward, and unambiguous. All substantive proceedings in this Court are halted. Despite this clarity, the prosecutors began violating the Stay almost immediately. First, within five days of the Court entering the Stay Order, the prosecutors served thousands of pages of additional discovery, together with a purported draft exhibit list. Through counsel, President Trump advised that he rejected the prosecutors’ unlawful productions, that their actions violated the Stay Order, and that he would seek relief if their malicious conduct continued.” Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche wrote.

Jack Smith responded to Trump’s filing asking the judge to hold him in contempt. He argued that he didn’t violate Chutkan’s Stay Order because he was providing discovery ahead of the pretrial deadlines.

All pretrial proceedings are on hold pending decision from the appeals court or possibly SCOTUS, however, this has not stopped Jack Smith from filing motions.

Last month Jack Smith filed a motion in court to prevent President Trump from blaming provocateurs and undercover agents for the January 6 Capitol riot.

President Trump previously attacked Jack Smith for filing an “illegal” motion in yet another attempt to muzzle him and take away his First Amendment right.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s errand boy, Deranged Jack Smith, is obsessed with attacking your favorite President, me, and with interfering in the 2024 Presidential Election, which I am Dominating. Deranged Jack is so Viciously and Desperately Angry that the Supreme Court just unanimously rejected his flailing attempt to rush this Witch Hunt, that he is ignoring the Law and clear instructions from the D.C. Court that this “case” should be stayed, and there cannot be any more filings. Today’s pathetic motion is not just Illegal, it is also another Unconstitutional attempt to take away my First Amendment Rights, and to prevent me from saying the TRUTH — that all of these Hoaxes are nothing but a political persecution of me, the MAGA Movement, and the Republican Party by Crooked Joe and his Despicable Thugs. The Radical Left Communists, Marxists, and Fascists are petrified of me speaking the TRUTH because the American People don’t want them destroying our Country. Make America Great Again!” Trump said on Truth Social last month.

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