Activists Declare Victory in War Against Library Promoting Leftist Ideologies


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Leftist staff members who are departing to be replaced with ‘normal’ people

Officials with MassResistance, an organization that fights for the traditional family, school children and a moral foundation in society, is declaring victory in a war with a Wyoming library that had been promoting the deviant sex ideologies of the religion of wokeism.

The group says the turnaround at the Campbell County library was accomplished after a majority-left board was replaced, a leftist director was fired and several leftist employees followed the former director out the door.

“This should happen everywhere,” the organization said.

The battle erupted in 2021 when parents were outraged by the policies and practices of the public library, which was described at the time as “a nightmare” for pro-family citizens.

“The public library was stocked with horrible graphic sexual, homosexual, and transgender books for children (and briefly promoted a ‘transgender’ performer for kids). The library director arrogantly defended the obscene books, mostly using American Library Association talking points. The library board was solidly leftist and openly hostile to the parents. And the county commission (which appoints the library board) refused to listen to the parents – and even shut off public comment to silence their complaints. In addition, pro-LGBT leftists would regularly come to public meetings and harass the pro-family people,” the organization documented.

Parents, however, refused to concede, and worked to testify at board meetings.

They read lurid text from sexualized children’s books – to board members. They protested, and informed the public. They dug out federal statistics on preventing child sexual exploitation and explained how some libraries are part of the problem.

Eventually, one “virulent anti-family” county commissioner quit, and the shift quickly led to the appointment of new library board members, individuals who acknowledged parental concerns.

“With help and encouragement from the parents, the new library board exited the American Library Association. Next, they created a new anti-porn library book policy. Then, on July 28, 2023, they fired the leftist library director when she refused to follow the new policy!” MassResistance confirmed.

And now more good news.

“A new library director, on duty for just weeks, as agreed to follow the pro-family book policy and has started cleaning house, moving obscene materials away from sections for children and teens,” the report said.

The changes also included the departure of the youth services librarian, and the director of a library branch in a nearby smaller town.

Explained MassResistance, “We’ve been told that departed staffers will be replaced with normal people as soon as possible!”

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