FLASHBACK: Here’s a Look Back at the Crazy Lady Who Said Trump Raped Her But Can’t Remember the Year and Calls her Doggie “Vagina” and Paints Her Trees Blue – ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

Raving lunatic and Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll (YouTube/Elle Magazine)

President Donald Trump posted several arguments on Truth Social on the deranged woman and Trump-hating judge who are pushing more junk charges against Trump in a court case next week.

President Trump rightfully called this fantasy “election interference.”

President Donald Trump: Lewis Kaplan, the terrible, biased, irrationally angry Clinton-appointed Judge in the Bergdorf’s Hoax, refused to postpone the sham trial next week, even in light of the funeral of my beloved Mother-in-law. This Judge has been ruthlessly unfair from the first day of Crooked Joe Biden’s Election Interfering Witch Hunt. I don’t know this woman, who I have never met (photo line does not count), who doesn’t remember the day, month, season, or decade the event she has made up supposedly occurred. She and her Democrat disgraced operative attorney, who I beat in another Election Interference type Hoax a number of months ago, tried to blackmail me with a dress, but once it was exposed to have no connection to me AT ALL, begged the Judge to exclude it from evidence. Of course, the Radical Judge went along with their wishes…

Page Two: Before the trial, my lawyer told me that this was beneath me as a President and, by far, the Leading Candidate in 2024, and I should not attend—So I didn’t. It was funded by a Donor Slob named Reid Hoffman, and others—All political hacks. The fix was in, the Judge prevented our side from using the dress, or showing the full CNN tape (where Ms. Bergdorf’s said nothing happened and that “rape is sexy”), or truly exposing just how crazy and dishonest this woman is by revealing her “sick” tweets and stories written about her. She called her African American Husband, former Newscaster John Johnson, “an Ape,” and named her Cat “Vagina.” Does anyone believe this ridiculous story, ripped straight out of an episode of Law & Order, her favorite Show? Of course not. End this Witch Hunt now!

Here again is a look back at the nutcase who accused Trump of rape in a department store but wasn’t sure of the year. What?

In 2019, Elizabeth Jean Carroll claimed that former President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room in Manhattan in the mid-1990s while they were shopping.  She’s not clear when this happened.

In the same year, E. Jean Carroll sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair following her bogus accusations against Trump.

The article paints Carroll as a complete lunatic who lived with mice in a cabin she called the “Mouse House,” painted trees and rocks outside her log cabin blue, and traveled the country with her blue-dyed poodle but not her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, who she left back home.

Vanity Fair wrote, “The “E” in “E. Jean” stands for Elizabeth, a name she gave herself after growing up as Betty Jean. She lives in a cabin she calls “the Mouse House,” surrounded by trees with trunks she’s painted a striking shade of pale blue. When she embarks on her road trip, in a Prius named Miss Bingley, she leaves behind her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, but takes her now-departed standard poodle, Lewis Carroll, whose pompadour was also dyed blue.”

E. Jean Carroll claimed to have had sexual tips from her dog, although it is still unclear if she was referring to Lewis Carroll, or to another dog she named Tits. Yes, you read that right.

Sex Tip I Learned From My Dog: When in heat, chase the male until he collapses with exhaustion . . . then jump him!

— E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll) May 7, 2010

E. Jean Carroll’s dog, Lewis Carroll (Youtube/Elle Magazine)

A video that was uploaded to Youtube by Elle Magazine on October 30, 2017, served as further evidence that the information on Vanity Fair was accurate.

The video centers on Carroll’s daily life at her house in upstate New York where she wears a red wig. At the time of our earlier report, the video had been viewed nearly 33,000 times.

Below is the excerpt at the 4:40 mark:

“I call it the “Mouse House” because some very distinguished mice live here. Conneman(?) lives in the kitchen. Tuberski(?) lives in the bedroom.

This is my shed. And on that side are the books that most influenced me growing up. On the door, are the list of my dogs Markie, Fortuna de la Spunky(?), Heidi, Tits, Bloody, and Hepburn.

The streams and the rivers were dry and it so horrified me that I came out and started painting the rocks blue to indicate that there was once a river here. And then after I got done painting the rocks, I just sort of walked over here and then did that tree and then did that tree. And then I did this tree. And then pretty soon I’d done this whole forest.

“The Mouse House” (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
“The Mouse House” (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
Carroll painted the rocks blue (Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)
(Youtube/Elle Magazine)

Carroll has served as a columnist for Elle magazine and claimed to be the longest-running advice columnist in history.

Watch the 6-minute video below:

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