J6 Political Hostage Jake Lang Explains Exactly How Patriots Are Turning The Table On The DOJ: ‘God Is Using Us To Wake Up Tens Of Millions of Americans’

While the men and women who are being held hostage by the Biden regime —  detained in pretrial custody, over-prosecuted with bogus 1512 and seditious conspiracy charges, coerced into taking plea deals, and handed the same prison sentences of murderers and rapists for protesting — the unwavering support of the American people is at the light at the end of the tunnel.

January 6 political hostage Jake Lang was apprehended by the FBI on January 16, 2021. During the Capitol riot, Lang was doused in CS gas, and his head was cracked open as police beat him with a metal baton.

Protesters were being crushed in a dog pile and mercilessly beaten by cops when Lang dragged J6 defendants Phillip Anderson and Tommy Tatum from the ground through the crowd to safety. Anderson and Tatum credit Lang with saving their lives during the riot the federal government claims was an insurrection.

Lang also tried dragging deceased J6 protester Roseanne Boyland to safety, but he was unable to lift her off the ground. As Boyland lay unconscious, Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris incessantly beat Boyland’s lifeless body.

While Officer Lila Morris was honored at the Super Bowl in 2021 for “defending the Capitol building” during the riot, Lang and the other men who endeavored to save Boyland’s life face up to more than two decades in prison for intervening when the police were assaulting demonstrators and exercising self-defense.

Many J6 defendants have taken plea deals to expedite their way home with shorter prison sentences.

Of the more than 1,265 individuals charged since Jan. 6, 2021, federal prosecutors have secured more than 718 guilty pleas — including 213 who pleaded to felonies that include assaults on federal officers, obstructing law enforcement, and seditious conspiracy, according to newly released numbers from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C.

Lang is among a small margin of J6 defendants who refuse to bend the knee. He maintains he was exercising the First Amendment while protesting and practicing self-defense while saving people’s lives as the police mercilessly beat protesters, including women and the elderly.

Some J6 defendants, including Enrique Tarrio and Ryan Samsel, described to The Gateway Pundit how they were tortured into taking plea deals that would entrap the Proud Boys or former President Donald Trump but refused.

“The nature of keeping me incarcerated for three years without a trial is pretty much the ultimate coercion into taking a plea deal,” Lang told TGP in an exclusive interview. Prosecutors told him after his arrest, ‘Hey, you know, we’ll get you out of here sooner– you will get a kind of a resolution to your legal matters.’ But I pretty much railed against the FBI officers who arrested me, telling them that the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves, that they are red coats and they’re tyrants, and they’re traitors to the constitutional oath they took.

“And so they never even sat me down to ask me questions because they knew my stance, and I wasn’t anywhere near wanting to talk to them or taking a plea deal or working with them. You know — they’re despicable. These FBI agents are willfully going and destroy our Constitution and terrorize American citizens– dragging them out of their homes at gunpoint. I pray for their salvation and their repentance. They know what they’re doing. They’re grown men. They’re smart men, and they know that they’re part of a rogue organization that is abusing its power and breaking our country apart in horrible ways.”

“The coercion that I’ve seen has been through the form of, ‘Hey, take a nine-year plea deal, one day two and a half years ago, or we’re taking it off the table. As of right now, I have no plea offer, and I would never take a plea deal with these tyrants.”

Before his arrest, Lang touted himself as a “serial entrepreneur.” The 28-year-old marketing major and New York native has continued his entrepreneurship while detained in the hole in the basement of the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility in a filthy, vermin-filled cell.

While being transferred to 13 different jails over the past three years, Lang has created a business model employing a team of lawyers, experts, and investigators to do the job Congress refuses to do.

Through J6 Legal, a legal investigative organization he founded in 2021, Lang has helped retain private attorneys for over 20 January 6 defendants and recruited a team of experts to review and analyze thousands of hours of J6 footage. He also founded BlessedNewsTV.com, a conservative news platform.

Last week, J6 Legal spearheaded litigation suing the government for illegally assaulting demonstrators during the riot.


Philanthropist and former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne donated nearly $200,000 to J6 Legal over the holidays, while the public donated nearly $200,000 to the organization to match Byrne’s donation.

Lang thanked the American people for their support for J6 Legal and detailed exactly how their hard-earned dollars are being put to good use to bring J6ers home.

“The American people really showed up for us. Through the generosity of Patrick Byrne, who promised to make a huge pledge to whatever we garnered in donations to J6Legal,” he said. “We got up to $555,000. Patrick Byrne donated $186,000 to J6 Legal Foundation and to two other January 6 organizations.  It was a Christmas miracle, and God blessed us with the biggest win we’ve ever had in fundraising here right into our third year of incarceration.”

“J6 Legal has been a blessing and it’s kept me very busy inside my prison cell calling attorneys, trying to figure out who got their heart in the right place, who is willing to work for reasonable retainer fees,” he said.”We publish our transparency reports so people can see where the money has gone so far. We’ve also done things like a change of venue polling, paying the polling companies to do that, expert witnesses, and medical doctors to examine J6ers’ medical reports to strengthen their bond motions for why they need to be out of jail.”


“It’s very meaningful work. A lot of the January 6ers get rounded up by the FBI in the middle of the night, their doors kicked down. Then they get thrown into the gulag. Then they get appointed to them some liberal public defender that absolutely hates them and says things to them like, ‘You guys were there that day to steal our vote.’ How can you have somebody represent you that does not have your best interest at heart — that is even a political opponent, one of these wacko liberal George Soros public pretenders?

“We step in and we try to find them a good attorney that is willing to go the distance and fight for them hard, private counsel that has a backbone. We’ve done that for over 20 Jan. 6ers and we are going to do it for a ton more now that we have all these new funds available to us. It’s a blessing to have an impact like this on the community.”

Lang described how “God is using” the political prisoners to “wake up our country.”

“It’s tough obviously, that’s an understatement, being my third Christmas away from my family. Watching the calendar just seems to disappear. Three complete years in the gulag,” he said. “I’ve been moved to thirteen different prisons and I’ve been locked up for 1,090 days without a trial. But the spirit of Jesus Christ, that beautiful gift that God gave us, keeps me going through this hard time. I wish I were out there with my family. But there’s a deeper purpose in our struggle and our liberty. Right now we are making a stand for all of America so it’s worth it at the end of the day, if God is going to use us this way to wake up our country then so be it.

“This kind of situation can either make you or completely break you. I just let God make me into a stronger version of myself. You can’t go into the courtroom trusting in Lady Justice anymore. Where do you put your trust as a person? You have to put your trust in God knowing that, even through this intense struggle, all of this injustice, this miscarriage that we are seeing here, he’s got a plan that goes beyond the surface level, beyond what you can see in the temporary, beyond the four whitewashed dirty walls of the basement of the Washington DC jail gulag that I’m in right now in the hole.

“What is God’s plan through this? Not just for me, but for America? I believe with all my heart that he is using the J6 political prisoners, our fight and the way we’ve been treated by our government, to wake up tens of millions to the realization that modern-day tyranny does exist. America is not America, the land of the free, the home of the brave right now. America is in distress. We are truly in shadow warfare right now, the deep state versus the constitutionalists. We need to arm ourselves against the word of God and fight against these satanic globalists.”


Patriot Day, Lang’s newly released documentary, showcases his day throughout the Capitol on January 6 in never-before-seen footage exposing the police brutality that amounts to police waging a terror attack against the American people during the riot the Biden regime claims was an insurrection akin to 9/11.

The documentary “is a very hardcore look at January 6 in which you will see the very popular narrative that January 6 was a ‘Fedsurrection’ — a complete setup — is very true” and what it was like “being a man who was in the crowd who was defending my life and defending the lives of the people around me, trying to defend this country from a communist take over,” he said. “January 6 was a day that free men and women stood against tyranny. We were a unit. The American people, united we stand.

“Though we did not come with any violence or any intentions whatsoever of being in any kind of confrontation — I was wearing a dress shirt that day — when the people that were trying to steal our country and their armed lackeys attacked us, we defended our country. Though these tyrants and these wicked people turned their weapons against us, we already know the outcome of January 6, we ended up inside the building. And the corrupt politicians scattered like cock roaches.The tyrants left the building and We The People, the constitutionalists, were inside trying to defend our country from what’s already been happening the last three years.”



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