Polish PM Tusk Doubles Down on Chasing Adversaries, Vows To Ignore Judicial Decision in Order To Prosecute Former Central Bank Governor

Poland is still reeling from the monster demonstrations for the release of the (already pardoned) political prisoners that were illegally arrested INSIDE THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE, but the new Prime Minister Donald Tusk has already moved ahead relentlessly in his vendetta against prominent officials from the former government.

CONTEXT: Polish PM Tusk Illegally Arrests Two Opposition MPs INSIDE THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE – President Duda Already Pardoned the Duo, Vows To Have Them Freed

Worse, Tusk now makes it even clearer that he isn’t about to be constrained by judicial decisions that may be contrary to his liking.

Case in point: the Constitutional Tribunal (TK) has issued a ruling that prevents Tusk’s coalition from putting central bank governor Adam Glapiński on trial.

Notes from Poland reported:

“The TK, which is itself seen as being under the influence of PiS, deemed […] existing rules, which require only a simple majority in parliament to bring the central bank governor before the State Tribunal, the body tasked with trying the highest officials of state, to be unconstitutional.

The judges decided that a higher threshold was needed to safeguard the independence of the central bank and that this should be the same as the one required to bring government ministers before the State Tribunal: a super-majority of three fifths of MPs in the Sejm, the lower house of parliament.

That figure would almost certainly be beyond the current ruling coalition, which has 241 MPs in the 460-seat Sejm, well below the three-fifths threshold of 276. Even with the support of the far-right Confederation (Konfederacja), the government could only muster 259 votes.”

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Leaders from Tusk’s coalition accused Glapiński of conducting monetary policy tailored to PiS’s political objectives in violation of his constitutional obligations.

“In December, shortly before becoming prime minister, Donald Tusk said that they would ‘seek opinions confirming whether [Glapiński] has performed his function unconstitutionally and contrary to the principles of law’. If so, he could be brought before the State Tribunal, said Tusk.”

Glapiński denies the allegations.

After PiS lost its parliamentary majority in elections, the former central banker wrote to European Central Bank’s Christine Lagarde, sharing the plans to bring him before the State Tribunal.

Lagarde assured him that he would be protected by EU law.

This means Tusk is operating by dismissing both Polish judicial decisions and European Union law.

But Tusk has the world’s MSM on his side on his vendetta to ‘restore the rule of law.’

Bloomberg reported:

“Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk said there is still scope to investigate central bank Governor Adam Glapinski and described a recent court ruling that bars lawmakers from probing him as ‘non-binding’.”

Tusk is determined to prosecute Glapinski for ‘engaging in political partisanship while in office, irregularities in the bank’s bond-buying program and failure to fight inflation’.

‘I don’t want to create the impression that it’s about hunting Adam Glapinski’, Tusk said in an interview with the country’s three leading television broadcasters late on Friday. The court’s ‘verdict is non-binding, but there are other ways to pursue legal accountability’ he said.”

Polish central bank cut interest rates twice before the October parliamentary election.

The central bank has since kept the rates unchanged, arguing Turk’s spending plans may boost inflation.

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