The Freeze-Dried Beef Industry Is Exploding — Here’s Why

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Just a couple of years ago, the notion of stocking up on freeze-dried beef was relegated to “doomsday preppers” and those who like to push the “easy button” on beef stew night. Today, many Americans are buying up as much high-quality freeze-dried beef as they can, thanks in large part to government attacks on the beef industry.

“We went from a small building with three freeze driers in June to a large warehouse with over 20 freeze driers today,” said Jason Nelson, CEO of Prepper All Naturals.

With a shelf-life of over a decade, freeze-dried beef is ideal for those who believe lab-grown “meat” is going to be pushed on the population in the near future. If (when?) fake meat or even insects are the only animal proteins available to Americans, those who have supplies of freeze-dried beef will be ahead of the curve.

“It’s not just the ‘cultivated’ meats that are concerning our customers, though that’s a big one,” Nelson continued. “It’s also the near certainty that cattle will be injected with mRNA vaccines mandated by the state, just like pigs have been quietly getting injected since 2018.”

“Big Food” and “Big Pharma” have joined forces in recent years to taint the American food supply with injections that use the same technology that gave us most Covid-19 vaccines. Nelson, a disabled veteran, left the U.S. Army because of the COVID vaccine mandates.

Freeze-dried beef from Prepper All Naturals is the only product on the market that offers premium cuts of beef for long-term storage. Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and their “Original Steak” bags ensure customers aren’t stuck trying to eat “beef crumbles” or “beef chunks” offered by most preparedness food companies.

“We slaughter the cattle, then butcher the best portions while wholesaling the lower quality beef to other companies,” Nelson said. “Then, the cubes are cooked sous vides, freeze- dried, and packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers for maximum shelf-life. The process is labor- and care-intensive but it’s worth it to maintain the highest possible quality.”

According to Nelson, their 12-serving bags are ideal for those who want to store away for the long-term. But he also noted that a surprisingly large portion of their customers are reordering regularly, which tells him they’re either storing away as much as they can incrementally or they’re eating it and getting more.

“We have one ingredient: beef,” he said. “We don’t even add salt, knowing that everyone’s tastes are different. I’ve had recipes sent to me by customers that had me craving beef. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to bring to the American people at the right moment in history.”

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