UK Polls Show Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Set To Be Elected MP – Half of Conservative Voters Thinks He’d Be a Better Premier Than Rishi Sunak

The virtue of perseverance handed a very consequential British politician with a late but remarkable victory after no less than 7 failed attempts to become a Member of Parliament.

A new poll suggests that the father of Brexit, Nigel Farage, could comfortably win a seat, beating the incumbent Tory MP for Clacton by as much as ten percentage points.

Not only that but among those who voted Conservative in 2019, almost half think Nigel Farage would be a better prime minister than Rishi Sunak.

Daily Mail reported:

“The ‘Honorary President’ of Reform UK polled at 37 per cent of the vote in the Essex town, based on a Survation survey of 509 people conducted through the week.

The Tories were only marginally more attractive to voters than Labour, which received 23 per cent. Six per cent would have voted Lib Dem and eight per cent other parties.”

If Farage attempts to gain the MP seat, it would be his eighth attempt to become an MP.

“The poll, reported in today’s Sunday Times, comes as it is revealed Reform UK has drawn up a hit-list of Tory MPs who may defect to join its ranks this year.

Reform leader Richard Tice has been privately saying that he expects as many as ten MPs to ‘cross the floor’, quitting the Tory party and joining his.”

Defections from Tory MPs are expected before this year’s General Election, especially from MPs who are about to lose their seats under Rishi Sunak’s leadership.

Farage’s party, Reform UK (formerly the Brexit party) hopes to appeal to former Tory and Ukip voters disillusioned with Conservative policy over immigration and other issues.

“Mr. Tice told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Naturally, we are talking to a number of Tory MPs about their future. Though it would be irresponsible to say how many or who. But the fact is, they realize that we’re the only party that represents reasonable centre-right policies of low tax and immigration, who believe in our country’s future and culture‘.”

As many former Tory voters think of backing Reform as a plan to change Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

Voters in Clacton in Essex would vote for Nigel Farage over incumbent Tory MP Giles Watling. In a survey of 509 people, Mr Farage has a ten-point lead.

“Last night Arron Banks, who helped bankroll the Leave EU campaign, said the poll showed it was possible for Mr Farage to ‘break into the Westminster cartel’. Reform was ‘threatening to cause an extinction-level event for the Conservative Party’, Mr Banks said.”

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