EXCLUSIVE | Cops SAVAGELY CLUB PROTESTER’S HEAD With Metal Batons At J6 Fedsurrection And It’s 100 Percent AGAINST THE LAW, Excessive Force Expert Exposes The ‘Disgusting’ Cover Up

Two DC cops flagrantly broke the law repeatedly beating a demonstrator in the head with metal batons during the election fraud protest on January 6. in yet another example of excessive force used by officers.

The cops thwarted the protester from barging across the police line by clubbing him in the head in violation of standard operational procedure.

As the demonstrator, whose face was covered with a black bandana, attempts to shield his face from the blows, two cops club him in the head. One of the cops is clearly intent on knocking the protester to the ground, violently striking the man on the head at least 5 times until he falls over.

As the masked man attempts to get back on his feet, the police continue to strike his head with the nightstick.

Another demonstrator in a camouflage-laden hat and sweater this reporter has identified as Kenneth Joseph Thomas immediately walks toward the wounded protester to assist.

Cops are championed when they brutally beat down patriots in Joe Biden’s America.


Steve Hill, an excessive force expert with J6 Truth, has investigated over one thousand hours of J6 footage over the past two years.

Footage of the homicidal cop thrashing the protester’s head is among a series of videos compiled by J6 Truth, in which Hill identifies how police unprecedentedly aberrated from the normal protocol on Jan. 6.

Cops are legally “forbidden” from striking protesters or combatants “in the head, spine, neck the sternum, or the groin” with impact weapons, Hill maintains a narration of the crime scene.

Here we see another example of excessive force used by officers. You see the skirmish line is set up by officers in an attempt to keep protesters below the stairs. On the right side of the screen, you see one demonstrators scuffling with officers. Let there be no doubt that this protester is not resisting in a passive manner. His action would be considered aggressive to the officers and would be considered ‘active or assaultive resisitance,’ dependent on whether he is battering the officers or not.

You can see the officers holding shields in an attempt to keep the crowd from moving into the line of officers. As the shield officers push the man back, you see that officers behind the shield officers are using their batons to strike that particular demonstrator. Most of these strikes are in the head area of that demonstrator.

The Metropolitan Police Department general orders relating to the use of force and the use of less lethal weapons forbid officers to use impact weapons to strike protesters or other combatants in the head, spine, neck, heart, the sternum, or the groin. If an officer uses their weapon to strike any of these areas, they must be able to justify their use of deadly force.

Has this man demonstrated any level of force towards officers that they could mistakenly consider as using death or great bodily harm or injury? No. The demonstrator is aggressive, but not deadly. Yet some of the officers are using excesssive force.

General Order 901 states that, ‘Officers of that department shall be aware that striking any of these prohibited areas is considered deadly force.’

Unfortuately this area of the Capitol is not the only location where we observe officers using unlawful deadly force tactics. And even worse, we see police supervisors using or directing the use of these unlawful and potentially deadly tactics on January the 6th.


Cops caught on camera clubbing unarmed protesters in the head with batons on any day other than during the Capitol riot would be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law, almost to the extent the Justice Department is prosecuting January 6 defendants,” Hill, said describing the police brutality, in an exclusive intervew with The Gateway Pundit.

“If this officer is with a federal agency, they will cover it up and hide it. But if this were your average regular police department and you were dealing with something like a George Floyd protest, the officers would have been held accountable and they would have been prosecuted. The protester was attempting to make an NFL rush between the two cops. He was trying to push past them — so they’re right in pushing him back, but not with a baton,” said the excessive force expert with a career in law enforcement spanning 40 years.

“There’s only two of them hitting the head but there’s one officer who is making it personal. he’s, he’s going after this guy and even when the guys down on the ground you see him reach out and hit him in the head again — this is disgusting.”

Americans who protested in the nation’s Capitol on January 6 walked into a trap, explains the veteran SWAT team supervisor.

“There appears to be a concerted effort from those above the standard rank police officers that were purposeful in what they allowed to happen and purposeful in what they allowed their officers to participate in,” he said. “Most of the police officers there were just doing their jobs — you don’t see head strikes, you won’t see them abusing the public.

“But then there’s 5 percent that caused a lot of problems right there on the ground between protesters. Above that, you’ve got commanders who are making illegal and improper orders of officers to use “less lethal” munitions–  to shoot people — whether or not they were authorized targets. They started shooting people outside of the target area, with those less lethal products, like in the face, the neck the throat, and areas like that.”

“Those supervisors failed to stop it from happening. They’re very complicit in the injuries that occurred and that goes all the way up the chain of command. Whether it’s the Capitol Police or the Metropolitan Police, it goes all the way up to where you’ve got a Deputy Chief sitting in command posts not doing or saying anything. They didn’t follow their standard operating procedures.

Hill, a veteran SWAT team supervisor, started his career in the Air Force. He then went on to run undercover assignments for the Albuquerque Police Department for nearly a decade before he was promoted to sergeant for the duration of his 20-year career with the APD.

“That’s where a lot of the training came through, learning things like crowd control, ride control, hostage rescue, things like that. Albuquerque is an extremely busy place. And by that, I mean it’s very violent,” he said.

Hill then worked as a contractor with the Department of Defense training police officers around the world in “dealing with lethal and less than lethal weapons systems and how to use them.” Hill assists J6 defense attorneys, including those representing the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, with gathering exculpatory evidence and has attended seven trials of J6 defendants and testified in three of the trials as an expert witness. He has volunteered to testify in fifteen trials, but judges routinely refuse to allow him to take the stand.

Photographs of a rubber bullet protruding from Joshua Black’s left cheek have been widely circulated.


But more protesters were shot “no-shoot-deadly-force-areas’” and severely injured by bullets fired by police on Jan. 6.

Cops shot at least five people in the head or face during “the initial 10 rounds that were fired from the crow’s nest down into the people into the crowd,” Hill said. “On the West Side, there is an officer or a sergeant who had what’s called ‘a pepper ball gun’ and fired hard capsules. As that officer was haphazardly shooting pepper balls at nonviolent targets, another officer who I believe was a sergeant was shooting an FN 303 at the crowd, which fires high-velocity bullets that are made out of plastic for accuracy and travels fast faster than the pepper ball.

“On the stand, we exhibited that the sergeant fired 10 shots into the crowd and of those ten shots five of them struck ‘no-shoot-deadly-force-areas’ — the face, the neck, and the head of individuals. Police are supposed to, by law, issue commands or say, ‘You must leave.’ And if the demonstrators don’t leave, then they can start pushing them out. But they went way overboard. They can push– they can’t start beating the heck out of people and again, shooting them in the face hitting them in the head, things like that.”

The weapons cops used to spray the crowd with less-than lethal-munitions “are marked with a warning label that states, ‘Could cause death,’” defense attorney Steve Metcalf told TGP last year, days after his client Dominic Pezzola was acquitted of the seditious conspiracy charges the government leveled against leaders of the Proud Boys.

“I’ll tell you exactly where shit went crazy” on January 6, Metcalf said. “It went crazy at that precise time when the protesters were all standing in the west side terrace and then shots start going off and people started getting hit in the faces… There were a couple of agitators in the crowd don’t get me wrong, but what took it to a whole different level is people being shot in the face with rubber bullets.
“That’s where people who were angry got even angrier and rightfully so.”

“Black is the one who the bullet penetrated. Other people were getting hit in the head. I saw other guys getting hit in the ear. That is not proper protocol. You cannot do headshots with a rubber bullet like that from that vicinity,” Metcalf said. “The firearm officers used to shoot the rubber bullets had a warning label. We read the warning label to the jury which stated in sum and substance, ‘Do not shoot in the head or face because it can cause serious physical injury and or death.’

“I asked witness after witness, ‘If these people got shot in the temple would they die? If they got shot in the eye, would they lose an eye?’ Every answer was ‘Yes,’ it didn’t matter whose witness it was. My witness, [the government’s] witness it didn’t matter, the answer is, ‘Yes.’

“So, now you have deadly force against nondeadly force and then everything was pumped up from there. That’s how we got to people going in the building.”

Cops are also seen breaking the law in footage uncovered from police body cam #X6039BEYS. Police violated standard operating procedures when they grabbed a “passive resistor” by the face and threw him over a wall “dangerously” sitting down, TGP reported last week.

It’s unclear whether the protester landed head-first; as the cops tossed him over the wall a bystander braced his fall.


If anybody were to take crimes committed by police against unarmed demonstrators “seriously, they would at least attempt to prosecute these police officer under Administrative Rules, violations of standard operating procedure, or even a file class action suit where those injured go after these agencies,” Hill continued.

“Some of these officers who broke the law are praised for ‘defending the Capitol’ on January 6. Some get a trip to the Super Bowl. And most of those commanders on the task were promoted. Now — that is infuriating because the government swept all those investigations under the rug. And they did not release the body cam video. It took months and months and months of trying to force them to release the body cam videos. And that is in violation of their own standard operating procedures and DC ordinances as well. 

As a large class of individuals, we can identify these officers. I am certain there’s enough video around them from other officers to show who the are. The question is, ‘Are we are we wasting our time?’ No. We are definitely not wasting our time with this. We are gathering evidence that exhibits the entire story of what happened on January 6, making it accessible to the public and educating them better on what happened.

“They’ve been told to blame all of the demonstrators. The number one defense for attorneys in most of these J6 cases is self-defense. Their clients were doing things because they observed the police doing things far and above what they had the authority to perform. So, either the officers failed to act and respond appropriately or the protesters were watching officers using serious force, deadly force, against demonstrators.”


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