Mr. Zelensky Goes to Davos

What can he say that’ll make a difference?

As the War in Ukraine heads into its third year, it is only fitting that President Volodymyr Zelensky, the man who is carrying the Globalist flag against their ultimate foe, Russia’s  Vladimir Putin, should be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Before Zelensky arrived, the attendees to Davos had been primed for a few days in the ‘Ukraine House’.

CNBC reported:

“Over the weekend, Ukraine presented its plan for peace in Switzerland, on the eve of the World Economic Forum — but with Russia absent from the event, little tangible progress was made toward peace.

Presenting Ukraine’s 10-point ‘peace formula’ in Davos to delegates from 83 countries, Ukraine’s presidential chief of staff Andriy Yermak said Sunday that China needs to be involved in future talks to end the war with Russia.

But Russia and its ally China — seen to be one of the few countries that can influence Moscow — were not involved in the event co-hosted by Switzerland and Ukraine.”

When we realize that the so-called ‘peace plan’ is meant to be presented not to the other warring party, but to donors, we can see that it is yet another PR ploy.

To begin with, Russia has the upper hand of the conflict by any measuring scale you want to use. So what’s the reasoning for the losing side to be demanding conditions?

The peace plan calls for all Russian troops to leave Ukrainian territory, Donbas and Crimea included – that’s a complete non-starter.

The Kremlin ‘poured cold water on the latest talks, saying peace proposals mean nothing without Moscow’s involvement’ – which could well be described as ‘stated the obvious’.

Politico reported:

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his stated quest to preserve his country, was once the darling of the global elite. Now he’s trying to avoid being just another bystander at their party.”

The Politico piece rightly recognizes that ‘the Israel-Hamas war and U.S. presidential campaign are consuming most of the attention’, and that this hurts the Ukrainian prospects for military aid.

However, there’s an aspect not always explored by the MSM: after the US and the West set up Kiev with a formidable military package and trained their troops, the negligible results of the summer offensive – where they took one third of one percent of the territory they aim to recover – left the sponsors with a sour taste in their mouths, sensing they may have backed the losing side.

At this point, Ukraine isn’t grabbing many headlines, and financial and military aid is becoming uncertain.

“The forum offers one of what could be waning opportunities for Zelensky to make the case that Ukraine deserves continued backing because its fight for democracy will affect the entire free world. It’s also a chance for Ukrainians to make the case to the business elite here that their country should be an investment destination as they rebuild it.”

Zelensky is also expected to deliver a speech during the forum – but what can he say that he hasn’t said one thousand times? What can he say that’ll make a difference?

“’He wants to keep Ukraine in the front of everyone’s mind, mostly’, said a person familiar with the Zelensky administration’s planning, who was granted anonymity to describe sensitive internal thinking.”

So at this point, in the face of dwindling attention. Skipping Davos would not be a possibility.

“These days, there’s more talk than ever in some official and think tank circles of whether it’s possible to negotiate an end to the war between Moscow and Kyiv.”

The demands in their 10-point proposal — especially the restoration of Ukraine’s full territory – are just talking points to rally support while pretending to search for peace.

“Many analysts also believe that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is unlikely to seriously consider any such negotiations until after the U.S. presidential election in November.”

By reading Russian sources and listening to Putin and his officials, we can gather that Moscow at this point holds maximalist objectives that might entail conquering (they’d say liberating) many other oblasts (regions), and ceding absolutely nothing of what it has gained so far.

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