VNN Announces LIVE Election Night Specials for Iowa Caucus Results

Vigilant News Network (VNN), which launched in December of 2023, announced it would be running a live three-hour election night special on Monday, January 15th, from 8 PM to 11 PM ET to coincide with the Iowa caucuses.

The special will be hosted by long-time political consultant and conservative strategist Chris Barron, who also serves as CEO of VNN.

“Monday night kicks off – in earnest – the most consequential election of our lifetimes,” said Barron. “During 2024, VNN will be the go-to place for election coverage – and that starts on Monday night in Iowa.”

“We know that in 2016 and 2020, the mainstream media absolutely failed in its coverage of those two critical elections – we won’t make those same mistakes,” continued Barron. “Our coverage and our projections will be based on hard-facts not on wish-casting.”

Joining Barron on Monday night will be Ivory Hecker, host of the Gateway Beyond the Headlines show on VNN, as well as VNN anchor Brittney Hopper and Sean Parnell, host of the VNN show Battleground Live.

Additionally, surrogates or representatives from each of the major campaigns have been invited on to join the program.

Tim Cramer will be reporting live from Iowa as well.

The VNN Election Night special will air on Rumble as well as on the VNN app and the VNN website (

You can download VNN on Android and Apple.

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