ICYMI: Greg Abbott Deports Over 100,000 Illegals From Texas to Blue States and Sanctuary Cities – Elon Musk Responds, “Open Borders Will Kill America”

Immigrants at the southern US border, some wearing t-shirts that read “Biden Please Let Us In” at San Ysidro crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico on March 2, 2021, photo by Guillermo Arias AFP/Getty

Elon Musk recently reacted to a fraction of the number of illegal immigrants (new Democrat voters) that have invaded Texas on Joe Biden’s watch, saying “open borders will kill America.”

This comes after Greg Abbott said Texas has moved “over 100,000” illegals out of his state and into sanctuary cities — a small number compared to the over 10 million that Biden rolled out the welcoming mat for.

We like based Elon. It’s too bad his X social media platform continues to suppress The Gateway Pundit and some of our contributors.

Texas is ground zero for illegal immigration, and because Joe Biden is suing Greg Abbott for attempting to install razor wire at the border and enforce newly passed state laws that require illegals to be arrested and deported, Abbott has no other choice but to send aliens to cities that purport to welcome illegals. Not to mention, The Biden Regime and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are already sending the millions of illegals encountered at the border to a city of their choosing.

The so-called “sanctuary city” leaders are finally getting fed up now that their towns are being overrun with illegal immigrants. But they aren’t pointing the finger at Biden’s open-border policies. It’s the Republicans and Greg Abbott’s fault, according to far-left leaders.

After introducing new restrictions on buses carrying illegals into New York City to better handle the flood of migrants invited by Joe Biden, Mayor Eric Adams is now suing bus companies for transporting illegals to his city.

The Democrat mayor of Edison, New Jersey, Sam Joshi, recently aired his complaints, citing security and health risks and adding, We don’t want them in Edison, period. That’s the bottom line.”

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey recently declared a state of emergency and asked her citizens to provide extra room in their homes to house dangerous illegal immigrants.

And the latest Democrat leader to cry foul at Joe Biden’s open border policies but blame Greg Abbott is Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. The Gateway Pundit reported that Pritzker, the same guy who diverted rental assistance funds meant for American citizens to house illegal border crossers and declared Illinois “the most welcoming state in the nation” for illegals, is begging for “mercy,” asking Greg Abbott to stop sending illegals!

But he wasn’t begging for mercy for his citizens. He was pleading on behalf of the illegal immigrants, who he feared would be left out in the cold.

“I Plead With You for Mercy” – Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is The Latest Pro-Illegal Immigration Democrat to Beg Greg Abbott to stop Sending Illegals – Pritzker Previously Diverted Housing Dollars From Citizens to House Illegals

Abbott boasted last week that he had already transported 100,000 illegals out of his state and into the once open arms of Democratic mayors and governors.

Elon Musk responded, noting the destruction this is causing America:

Greg Abbott: Texas has transported over 100,000 migrants to sanctuary cities to relieve overwhelmed border towns. Until Biden reverses course on his open border policies, Texas will continue transporting migrants to these cities. We will not back down on our efforts to secure the border.

Elon Musk: Open borders will kill America

Open borders will kill America

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 9, 2024

That’s what the Democrats and the Globalists want: a dead America.

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