Today Marks 3 Years Since the Arrest of J6er Jake Lang- and Still NO TRIAL

J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang

The calendar seems to melt away – 3 years later, and STILL, our January 6 Political Hostages remain incarcerated in the DC Gulag.

J6 political prisoner Jake Lang was arrested on January 16th, 2021, and remains incarcerated without bail or trial for THREE YEARS as of today.

On January 6, 2021 Jake attended the protest and rally in Washington DC because he believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  Jake was one in a million Trump supporters who turned out that day to hear President Trump speak at the Ellipse in Washington DC.

Later that day, Jake walked to the US Capitol, where he was gassed and trampled when Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs.  Jake was nearly killed.

To mark this tragic anniversary, The Gateway Pundit spoke with Jake and obtained exclusive statements from inside the ‘freezing’ DC Jail solitary confinement cell, aka ‘The Hole’ where Jake has been for 4 months.

Jake told TGP, “It’s bitterly cold today in Washington DC, and for some reason, the sadists who run the Gulag have decided to pump freezing cold air into our cells in the hole. Yes – the AC is on for some cruel reason. It reminds me of 4 Januarys ago, when I had my last walk as a free man, on that cold January morning when I was surrounded by the FBI at gunpoint, walking back from Church – before Joe Biden was even installed as President.”

We have been following Jake and the stories of the J6 political prisoners story for years – as they are shipped from prison to prison, as they are railroaded in courtrooms, as they are held without the right to see their families or receive bail  – and yet they STILL remain resilient in the face of horrible Government oppression. It’s unfathomable to believe 3 years have passed, and we are into our 4th year with political prisoners in this country.

Jake reflected on his feelings after watching the Iowa caucus last night. ” WOW! The People have spoken – Americans refuse to sit idly by as President Trump and his supporters are targeted in brutal weaponization by the Biden Regime. The reckoning is here for three years of torture and persecution. The voters are pushing back in drastic and historic numbers. I texted my fiance, who is a J6er, Rachel Myers, last night and told her, ‘Baby, we are going to be pardoned by the next President of The United States of America!’ I have kept my hope in God alone for years, who has given me an indomitable spirit by His grace in Christ, but now the reality is settling in – the J6ers actually have a way out of this mess. Trump is coming back!!”

Despite the insane miscarriage of justice that Jake has gone through, he still finds purpose in this struggle.

“The Bible tells us, ‘Eyes haven’t seen, nor ears have heard, what God has planned for those who love Him’. I wear that scripture as a shield, knowing God is more than able to deliver the January 6ers out to a wide open space when His timing comes. America now has a better sense of how vulnerable and precious Liberty really is, and new sentinels have been forged through the fire of persecution to ensure the next generation never has to suffer through these grave tyrannical injustices”

“I am grateful God has surrounded me by steadfast brothers and sisters in Christ throughout these last 3 years, persevering day by day with us. To my Jan 6 brothers, I have been locked up with for a significant chunk of our lives – you men amaze me with the integrity you have shown, and your fidelity to our Constitution & God will never be questioned. You guys are the real deal, I love you all.”

“To my Father Ned Lang, you have been a rock of Gibraltar to me – I can’t imagine this journey without you. To my fiance, Rachel, you are a blessing of God’s highest proportion – the greatest love story ever known – birthed from the pandemonium of political persecution. I love you sweetie.”

“To Hoang Quan, a friend sticks closer than a brother in a time of need, and you are my best friend; I love you, brother.”

“To Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit – don’t ever change, America loves you and needs you guys.”

“To President Trump, give them EVERYTHING you got, and God will bless you, brother.”

“To our supporters, everything we do is for you guys, The People, and we would die for you, or if necessary, do it all again to see you LIVE FREE!!”

If you’d like to support the January 6 political prisoners, please visit

You can follow Jake Lang’s Political Prisoner Podcast here.

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