BREAKING: Wisconsin Legislature Introduces Twin Constitutional Amendments to Permanently Ban Ranked Choice Voting in the State

Guest post by Jefferson Davis
Madison – Wisconsin is joining a growing list of states, cities, counties and other populated areas across America to permanently ban Ranked Choice Voting.
Twin Constitutional Amendments to ban Ranked Choice Voting were recently introduced in the Assembly with  AJR101 (click here – and Senate with SJR 94 (click here – in the last 2-4 weeks with strong support from the Republican Leadership Teams and General Membership.
In Wisconsin, the legislative process requires a constitutional amendment to be heard at the Committee level for public comment and is then voted on in Committee before it is forwarded to the entire Assembly and Senate for consideration during a Floor Session.  A constitutional amendment also has to be approved in two consecutive Sessions and can not be vetoed by the Governor’s Office.  It is anticipated that the Assembly and Senate will have Hearings on AJR101 and SJR94 sometime within the next 2-3 weeks so they can hopefully be passed during the February 2024 Floor Session to be placed on a statewide ballot in 2025 after the resolutions are passed a second time.
The Ranked Choice voting concept has been around for decades in America (click here –
The arguments for Ranked Choice Voting usually fall along the lines of the following:

Encourages more candidates.
Encourages more elector participation.
Gets rid of the nastiness.
Gives electors more choices.
Will save our “democracy”.
Takes big money out of elections.
Is gaining in popularity.
Have runoffs until one candidate gets to 50.1%.

The usual progressive liberal suspects support Ranked Choice Voting with liberal big money donors hiding in the weeds to hopefully influence Legislators and to control the optics, narrative and messaging with the complicit press/media (click here –
Some have labeled Ranked Choice Voting as, “Keep Having Runoffs Until the Democrat Wins”.
It is well documented all across America that this concept is terribly flawed, is being repealed where it has been tried in many areas and has outright been banned in the following states at various levels of elections (click here –

South Dakota – 2023
Florida – 2022
Montana – 2023
Tennessee – 2022
Idaho – 2023
Massachusetts – 2020
Many cities in Utah have opted out of RCV since its pilot program was initiated in 2019.
Various Virginia government entities that hold elections have put a hold on RCV – 2023.
Aspen, Colorado repealed RCV – 2010.
On the statewide ballot in Nevada – 2024 – democrat leaders opposed.
Liberal Democrat California Governor vetoed the bill – 2019.
Even Liberal Democrat Walter Mondale opposed the idea in Minnesota in 2015.
Liberal DC democrats filed lawsuit to stop it – 2023.
Maine and Alaska are disasters –
Extremely confusing.
Many runoffs possibly until one candidate gets to 50.1%.
Very expensive.
Much more work for Clerks and Poll Workers.
Very delayed results.
Endless number of ballots destroyed or trashed during each runoff.
Ranked Choice/Top 5 Voting is not gaining in popularity.  It’s being outright banned in a growing number of states, counties and communities across America.

Other states are encouraged to follow Wisconsin’s lead to give electors a voice in determining the ultimate fate of Ranked Choice Voting.

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