James Webb Telescope May Have Found Biological Life on Exoplanet

Arthur C. Clarke: ‘Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying’.

The setting for the revelation was an unusual one: Jools Holland’s New Year’s Eve 2023 ‘Musical Hootenanny.’ In the TV musical special, the host asked his guests for comments on the year to come.

It was Dame Maggie Aderin-Pocock, from University College London’s world-famous Department of Physics and Astronomy, who first broke the news.

The Spectator reported:

“Sitting next to Dr Aderin-Pocock, Holland asked the noted astronomer for her expectations of 2024, and she replied, candidly and baldly: ‘I think we’re going to discover alien life.’ Slightly startled, Holland asked for some clarity – e.g. are we going to meet them on planet earth – to which she further said: ‘Alien life is definitely out there’.”

Janes Webb telescope before it was sent into space.

She was NOT the only person ending last year with predictions of alien life discovery.

“In a YouTube video broadcast a few days ago, popular UK astrophysicist Becky Smethurst added some detail to all this, by saying: ‘I think we are going to get a paper that claims to have strong evidence for a biosignature in an exoplanet’s atmosphere very, very soon. Let’s just say it’s on my bingo card for 2024’.

Likewise, in a CNBC interview broadcast the first week of 2024, UK astronaut Tim Peake was asked to speculate on extra-terrestrial life, and he said ‘Potentially, the James Webb telescope may have already found [alien life]… it’s just that they don’t want to release or confirm those results until they can be entirely sure, but we found a planet that seems to be giving off strong signals of biological life’.”

What is expected is this: a scientific paper that will provide firm evidence of alien life on an exoplanet (a planet outside our solar system).

The discovery would use biosignatures – gases and chemicals highly likely to have emanated from organic creatures.

Many took a leap and are claiming that this is a stage one in the ‘disclosure’.

“The supposed disclosure plan goes like this: first, the powers-that-be will casually tell us that a planet a squillion miles away probably harbors a few bugs in the clouds – i.e. something profound, but non-threatening. Once we’ve grown used to that, we will be told we’ve encountered a ‘technosignature’, indicating intelligent non-earth life, maybe broadcasting radio waves or sending out probes.

Finally we will be informed that non-human intelligence walks among us, and has been doing so for a while – which is deeply threatening, but seeing as we got used to the space bugs then the space radio signals, what does it matter if we have space beings on Earth?”

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