RINOs In Denial Over Donald Trump While Democrats Are Flailing

Normally I choose not to bore my international readers with U.S. domestic politics but I must make an exception tonight in light of Donald Trump’s crushing victory in the Iowa caucus event. The Republican establishment went all out to put a dent in Trump and failed spectacularly. Neo-Con Nikki Haley is the fav of the Republican aristocratic effetes who cannot stand the smell of Trump supporters. The country club set just cannot bear to be associated with the unwashed masses who lionize Donald. For that reason they poured millions of dollars into an organized effort to knock the Trumper off of his bandstand.

Nikki Haley came in third, trailing my Governor, Ron DeSantis, by a few percentage points. But her numbers are misleading. The Democrats, who are acquiescing so far to letting pedo Gramps Biden run for a second term, were encouraged to turn out and caucus for Haley. The Dems are desperate to sink Donald Trump. They failed in Iowa.

Donald Trump enjoys one major advantage over Nikki and Ron — his foibles, his weaknesses and his failures are widely known. There is no new dirt on him. Nine years of excavation and fabrication have turned up nothing. If anything, the relentless persecution of Trump has made his more popular with the middle and working class.

The same cannot be said for Nikki or Ron. Neither has been subjected to the vivisection that Trump has endured since he first declared for President in 2015. The frantic, desperate efforts by the Clinton and Obama sycophants to paint Trump as a racist, Jew hating, Commie lover have failed. Trump is still very popular with his base and turns out crowds that neither Haley nor DeSantis could corral if they were offering attendees at their ralies a $1,000 bucks per person.

This is the heart of the problem — wealthy people dominate the leadership of the Republican (and Democrat) party. They live in a cloistered realm and have convinced themselves that they have their hands on the electorates pulse. What they don’t realize is that they are grasping their own tiny cock in their lobbyist greased fingers. They have no clue what working stiffs are feeling or believe.

Trump is not backed by fair weather poofs. These are some hard-ass people. They stood in line for hours in sub-freezing temperatures being pelted with snow and sleet. Show me one other candidate who could attract a crowd like this under these conditions.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd are still hoping that Neo-Con Nikki can make a good showing in New Hampshire’s upcoming primary. Not likely. She is not a nice person and that attitude comes through loud and clear in her public events. More troubling is her almost fanatic commitment to embroiling the United States in more endless wars overseas. The Americans who have kids of military age who would have to pay the price for her delusions of grandeur have no stomach for putting John McCain in a skirt in the White House.

Trump’s speech on Monday night in the wake of his commanding victory was surprising to many. He left the attack dog at home and spoke in measured tone that was conciliatory and complementary of his opponents. He looked and sounded Presidential. If Trump wins in November he will owe Joe Biden one big fat thank you gift for turning America into a shit-hole and transgender nightmare. Most Americans want safety and normal, not fear and perversity.

Which brings me to the Democrats. They are trying to figure out how to rid themselves of Biden before it is too late. Rumors are swirling that Michelle Obama is going to emerge as the surprise replacement for Biden. Some Dems are giddy over that prospect. Talk about delusional. Michelle has done nothing to prove her political chops. She has not delivered an electrifying speech like her husband did that catapulted him into the limelight. She is not a charismatic person. Her show on Netflix was a bomb. Frozen potato salad in an Eskimo igloo would attract more flies than Michelle.

More challenging is the fact that many black Americans realized they were bamboozled by her smooth talking husband, who did not do a damn thing to improve the lives of black Americans, especially those trapped in the slaughter houses known as the inner cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York and Oakland. In fact, there are a growing number of black Americans who long for the days when Trump was President. During his term black employment rose.

There is another group of neo-Democrats, they have dubbed themselves as “NO LABELS.” They are irony challenged because they do not grasp the fact that “NO LABELS” is a label. This group is comprised of old school Democrats, like Joe Manchin and Joe Lieberman. Their plan is to trot out an alternative candidate in late winter or early spring and sincerely believe they can select a candidate in their vape-filled conference rooms that will magically rally support. They are betting the house that their mystery candidate will wield sufficient clout and draw voters from Trump. I think the opposite will happen. They are more likely to split the Democrat vote and make it easier for Trump to win.

There is a legitimate fear that Biden is going to start a war that will be used as an excuse to shutdown the 2024 election. If that happens, America will be torn in half and its ability to wage war will founder. That is why we need to pay close attention to what is going on in Ukraine, Gaza, Yemen and Iran. One very smart political analyst (a new friend) wrote the following to me this morning:

Why did Biden remove the Houthis from the terror list and then at the slightest provocation attack them without giving himself the political cover?  In my world it’s because he and the real people running this administration want to break down the barriers between the branches… undermine the structures that are supposed to stop this type of behavior.

It’s vandalism, pure and simple.  The target here isn’t Iran or the Houthis or anyone else. The target is us.

I fear he is right. That said, Donald Trump is no longer a naive celebrity riding a wave of popularity. He is battle hardened and scarred. What the Democrats and the Trump haters do not understand is that their relentless attacks on him are making him stronger, not weaker. Trump’s refusal to curl up into a fetal position and cry for mercy is pissing them off and confounding them. I suspect Trump secretly hopes they do not stop because he understands that creates a viable path for him to return to the White House. Bidens clumsy performance and destructive policies has rekindled a genuine longing for a return to the Trump era. We’ll see.


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