Denver Hospital In Financial Crisis: Surge of Illegals Contributes to $130M in “Uncompensated Care”

Illegals Flood Denver

Coming to a hospital near you!

Joe Biden’s border crisis and the unchecked flow of illegals into the United States have plunged Denver’s main public hospital into economic turmoil.

While the hospital system does not ask about or track patients’ immigration status, according to The Denver Gazette, “In 2022, Denver Health saw $125 million in ‘uncompensated care.’ Last year, it ballooned to $135 million. In 2020, the price of uncompensated care stood at $60 million.”

The dramatic rise in the cost of uncompensated care coincides with the flood of 37,571 immigrants into the city.

Dr. Taylor McCormick, associate director of Pediatrics Emergency Medicine at Denver Health, said, “Overall, these patients don’t have medical insurance.”

“Denver Health is eating the cost for many of these visits.”

The hospital has reportedly contacted FEMA for additional federal assistance associated with the cost of caring for illegals.

Denver Health CEO Donna Lynne warned the center is in a crucial moment due to unexpected costs associated with visits by illegals, saying, according to the Denver Post, “Because our costs exceed our revenues, we are turning down patients every day, particularly in the area of mental health and substance abuse.”

Dr. Steven Federico is the chief government and community affairs officer for Denver Health and shared his concerns.

The Denver Gazette reports:

Federico estimated that the bulk of the $10 million difference in uncompensated care between 2022 and 2023 was related to the influx of new immigrants using the health system.

After losing $30 million in 2022, the health system anticipates breaking even in 2023, Federico said.

“It’s a difficult dilemma of how we best meet their health care needs when health care has not been part of the equation,” Federico said.

The surge in new immigrant patients from South and Central America equates to roughly 8,000 people and 20,000 visits, Federico said.

The overload on the medical infrastructure in the U.S. is exacerbated by the lack of testing by the Border Patrol for dangerous infectious diseases. 

In November, the far-left mayors of several sanctuary cities, including Denver Mayor Mike Johnson, sent a letter begging for a staggering $5 billion in federal aid from the Biden regime.

 Dr. Federico joined Sandra Smith on Fox to discuss the looming humanitarian crisis.


Denver Hospital Struggles with unpaid illegal alien costs

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