MUST READ: Transcript from E. Jean Carroll Trial Reveals Judge Kaplan’s Contempt for Trump – E. Jean Carroll Is a Complete Liar and Lunatic and She is Being Coddled by the Crooked Judge

Corrrupt anti-Trump Judge Lewis Kaplan, another lawless and completely immoral Democrat activist

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila followed the E. Jean Carroll trial on Wednesday in Judge Kaplan’s completely corrupt New York City courtroom.

You can catch up on yesterday’s developments below:

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Inner City Press attended the trial and transcribed the trial live on X.

The transcript reveals how this trial in Judge Kaplan’s courtroom is a complete sham and an affront to justice. William Kaplan is completely unhinged and immoral. If this is the future of our country we are all doomed.

Conservatives in New York ought to seriously reevaluate their life in this lawless and corrupt city.

Transcript via Inner City Press.

Habba: Ms. Carroll, are you aware it is illegal to delete evidence?

Carroll’s lawyer: Objection

Habba: I move for a mistrial, evidence has been deleted

Judge Kaplan: Denied and the jury will disregard everything Ms. Habba just said

Habba: You stated you were in a cocoon of love, a week after President Trump’s statement?
Carroll: I did.
Habba: So it appears you weren’t suffering much, fair to say?
Carroll: No fair. I experienced support and a flood of slime. Both. Both. Both things occurred

Habba: But some was before the President’s statement?
Carroll: It was from him-
Habba: Based on what?
Carroll: The way they were phrased.
Habba: Didn’t you say you went off social media?
Carroll: Sometimes I take a break, I come back for breaking news

Carroll: I take a break. One can’t live by Twitter alone
Habba: Now you believe these tweets are real and not fake?
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection
Judge Kaplan: Sustained.

Habba: On June 22 Lisa Birnbach texted you – I offer DX 11
Judge Kaplan: Is this already in?
Habba: Yes.
Judge Kaplan: Then you don’t have to introduce it.
Habba: You said you were confused

Carroll: I did sleep until noon
Habba: So it’s not accurate?
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection
Judge Kaplan: Sustained.
Habba: You said you’re glad you’re not living in Montana anymore?
Carroll: If you say so.
Habba: Don’t take my word for it. Here it is

Habba: You attracted media exposure after you came forward with these allegations against President Trump?
Carroll: Yes. To promote the book I answered about President Trujmp.
Habba: Is he the only one you discussed?
Carroll: It’s all that asked about

Habba: Could you have mentioned others from the book?
Carroll: I could have. I didn’t.
Habba: If you were so damaged, why didn’t you stop going on TV?
Carroll: Anderson Cooper was my last. I was done.
Habba: Did you have to accept the appearances?
Carroll: No.

Habba: Didn’t you testify you don’t like talking about President Trump?
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection.
Judge Kaplan: Sustained.
Habba: Let’s talk about the podcasts — The Daily, All Ears, MeidasTouch, TrumpCast–
Carroll: Yes.

Habba: Did you say Trump?
Carroll’s lawyer: What does she mean?
Habba: She said she didn’t like saying his name. That’s a lot of appearances for someone who doesn’t want to say Trump
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection
Judge Kaplan: Sustained. That’s argumentative

Habba: You don’t book yourself on TV
Carroll: I don’t.
Habba: Who pays for the publicists?
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection to form, Your Honor.
Judge Kaplan: Sustained.
Habba: Ms. Carroll, status is important to you?
Carroll: Yes

Habba: You still want more publicity?
Carroll: I’m pretty much done with it, and with books.
Habba: Are you writing a book with Mary Trump?
Carroll: She is writing the book, I’m in charge of the comments. It’s Mary’s money…

Habba: So was lying to Carol Martin appropriate?
Carroll: Yes. Her daughter was scared. So I said I had not received threats.
Habba: So you lied when you said no threats –
Carroll’s lawyer: Objection. That wasn’t the testimony

Habba: Ms. Carroll, you were not quiet in the 1980s, right?
Carroll: Right.
Habba: But after 25 years you brought this suit against the sitting President?
Judge Kaplan: You’re running the repeat key too often, Ms. Habba

Read the entire exchange at Inner City Press.

This is the definition of a kangaroo court.
Again, if you are a person with conservative views you should think about relocating to a community where you are not viewed as guilty by the courts before your trial begins.

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