The Electric Vehicle Scam Is A Symptom Of Western Decline

I realize there is a lot going on with rising tensions between Iran and Pakistan and the Houthis continuing to frustrate Western efforts to break the blockade of the Red Sea. I promise to address those issues in another piece. But I got to say something about the Electric Vehicle scam. It is bad for the environment. The rare earth minerals needed to produce these extravagances requires mining operations that exploit the very poorest people on the earth. And, despite all the nifty technology that adorns these electric vehicles, they can’t handle the cold.

If you don’t live in the United States you may not have noticed the brutal cold front that slammed most of the country. If you lived in Iowa, Illinois, or Minnesota you got bone chilling temperatures. We’re talking -7 degrees Fahrenheit ( -22 Celsius) and that is without wind chill. Guess what? It sucks to have an EV where you have serious winter. Check out this video of sad sacks:

William Levin, writing in the American Spectator, has written an excellent article that presents solid evidence that EVs offer a false promise of combating “climate change.” Climate change is another scam, but that is for another article. Levin’s piece, The Electric Car Con Explained, concludes:

In fact, cars (light-duty transportation) account for less than 5% of global energy demand, with U.S. cars accounting for 19% of the global car fleet, declining to under 15% by 2050 as car demand grows faster outside the U.S.

Putting these facts together, and they are indisputable facts, provides a stunning insight.

The U.S. car fleet accounts for a mere 1.0% of global energy demand (5% x 19%), declining to 0.8% by 2050. So even if the U.S. shifts 100% to electric-powered cars, the maximum climate impact in 2050 is a meaningless 0.2% (22% x 0.8%) reduction in global Co2 emissions from the current electric grid, up to a maximum of 0.5% assuming solar, wind, and hydro can, implausibly, power 60% of electric demand.

In other words, there is no factual basis to claim that the government mandate to switch to electric cars will have any material impact on global Co2 emissions.

If you prefer to get your info from a video with a bona fide expert, check out Mark Mills. Mark is a new friend of mine as well and is a man of keen intellect:

The push in the West to eliminate fossil fuels and “replace them” with this so-called clean energy would be a damn funny joke if the consequences of these decisions were not so serious. Wealthy liberals who virtue signal by driving their Tesla believe they are smart, but fail to contemplate how the energy is produced to power these expensive turkeys. Most owners infatuated with EV technology failed to consider the fact that the batteries that power these expensive golf carts will eventually need to be replaced. Elon Musk insists they will last 20 years, but that prediction is not based on evidence. It is a scientific guess. If you do have to replace it expect to shell out an additional $25,000 dollars for the battery. That does not include the labor costs of installing a new one.

Another unknown is whether there will be a market for used electric vehicles. The market for gas fired used cars has been robust. Yet, I do not know too many people who want to shell out several thousand dollars for a vehicle that has 200,000 miles on it. I have a relative who is an Uber driver. He piles up around 70,000 miles a year. If he was driving a Tesla in Florida he would hit the battery life span in five years. At that point he’d have to come up with another bundle of cash to replace the battery. God knows what condition the car body and suspension would be by that point.

Thank God for winter. Mother Nature did a damn fine job showing those Tesla drivers that they may have made a mistake in betting on an electric vehicle to get to work. You got to make the coin in preparation for replacing the battery.

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