“Tricky Nikki” Haley… Exposed as a Globalist Flip Flopper (Video)

There is a lot of talk about Nikki Haley being a liberal. Even Tucker Carlson called her one. I think she is worse than a liberal. She is a globalist profiteer who falsely disguises herself as a conservative. This makes her more dangerous than a self-described liberal. Because she will do anything she can to dupe the uninformed to vote for her.

Haley is also transactional. She is a political chameleon. She changes her position depending on what crowd she is talking to. She has no real convictions except to help the billionaire donor class, who are all engrained in the military-industrial complex.

This podcast should serve as an investigative dossier of truth into who Nikki Haley really is.

Rest assured, the Haley for President team does not want you to see what I am about to show you.

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