Ultra-Globalist European Union Is Covering Up for Liberal Polish PM Tusk’s Illegal Actions – Hungarian MEPs File Official Protest With European Commission

It has become painfully clear that when the European Union talks about ‘the rule of law,’ what they really mean to enforce is the absolute surrender to the failed Globalist policies emanating from Brussels.

It also becomes apparent how, once you follow the EU’s diktats, no matter how tyrannical you behave, all will be well.

Take Poland, for example. For years, it battled Brussels and was the target of endless recrimination from Brussels.

As soon as Donald Tusk became PM, the EU became blissfully uninvolved and adopted a laissez faire regarding the illegal actions of the Premiere.

Tusk is now in a hard conflict with President Andrzej Duda, politically aligned with the previous ruling party, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS).

Euronews reported:

“The years-long clash [between Poland and the EU] sparked multiple lawsuits, multimillion-euro fines and the blockage of COVID-19 recovery funds. Tusk, an avowed Europeanist, has promised to reset relations with Brussels and bring back Poland to the political centre. But his government’s first moves to fulfill that goal have been met with criticism, in and outside the country.

Shortly after taking office, Tusk’s cabinet ordered the immediate dismissal of the directors of the publicly owned television, radio and news agency, arguing they were PiS loyalists who had turned the public broadcasters into propaganda machines. The abrupt changes prompted an angry reaction from conservatives and exacerbated the showdown between Tusk and Duda.

‘These are completely illegal actions’, Duda said. ‘This is anarchy’.”

Duda countered by vetoing a bill that allocated €700 million for the public media. The culture ministry had to put the outlets into liquidation while a restructuring takes place.

Asked about the impasse, European Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová said they are ‘always worried when we see changes in the public media’ and that it ‘could’ take legal action ‘if’ it becomes aware of violations of EU law.

“‘We are watching. We are very closely assessing what’s happening in Poland in the field of media’, Jourová told Euronews in Davos, noting she had discussed the issue with President Duda in a meeting at the World Economic Forum. ‘In case there is a contradiction with the existing EU law, then we will have to act’.”

Tusk and Duda are also clashing over the Polish political prisoners; two PiS politicians, who, despite having been pardoned by the President, were targeted by an unprecedented action by the police, who entered the Presidential palace to carry out the arrests.

“Separately, Duda blasted Tusk’s government after the justice minister said Dariusz Barski, the country’s top prosecutor, had been released from his function. The president contested the decision because, he said, it was taken without waiting for his formal opinion.”

Donald Tusk’s return to power was announced by most of the MSM as the victory of centrism over populism. But was it really the case? UK’s Spectator is already reporting otherwise:

“Once [Tusk] was sworn in as Prime Minister last month, it didn’t take him long to resort to authoritarian methods that would have led to an international outcry if a supposed moderate had not been behind them.

On the morning of 20 December, riot officers armed with pistols and batons surrounded the headquarters of TVP, Poland’s state broadcaster. Metal barricades were erected, staff vehicles were searched and multiple TV channels were taken off the air. Journalists were locked out of their offices while private security forces in plain clothes attempted to coerce managers into signing letters of resignation.”

Leading the purge is Culture Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, who is actually a former intelligence colonel and head of the secret services during Tusk’s first premiership.

Spectator is clear: Sienkiewicz sent in the troops to the Palace without the clear legal authority to do so.

“The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, formerly a vocal critic of PiS, is becoming concerned about Tusk and says the government’s takeover of public media ‘raises serious legal doubts’ and may even violate Council of Europe standards.

[…] When Tusk is the one bending the laws, the EU seems to have a different outlook. He did, after all, call the shots in Brussels for five years as the president of the European Council, and there is no question that his former colleagues approved of his campaign to return to power in Warsaw. Within hours of his taking office, the European Commission announced that it would free more than €100 billion in funding that had previously been suspended.”

Hungary is another country harassed by the EU, the ‘contemporary parody of the Soviet Union,’ in the words of its PM Viktor Orbán.

Now, Hungarian European lawmakers from Orbán’s party are taking action against the European Commission for its negligence in the Polish crisis.

Daily News Hungary reported:

“Poland’s government headed by Donald Tusk ‘is trampling on the rule of law while the European Commission looks away’, MEPs of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz said on Friday. ‘The application of double standards by Brussels is shocking’, they said.

MEPs of Fidesz and its Christian Democrat ally have inquired to the Commission in writing about the Polish government’s recent measures, the statement said.

‘It is easy to imagine … what would have happened had all this taken place in Budapest under Viktor Orbán’s premiership’, it added.”

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