WATCH LIVE: House Homeland Security Committee Holds Second Impeachment Hearing Against Alejandro Mayorkas at 9:30 AM ET

The House Committee on Homeland Security’s second impeachment hearing against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is set to kick off at 9:30 am ET.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the first Mayorkas impeachment hearing, which featured testimony from Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, and Frank O. Bowman III, professor emeritus of law, University of Missouri School of Law. Missouri AG Andrew Bailey told The Gateway Pundit after the hearing that the invasion of our border is “an intentional behavior on the part of the Secretary to undermine the rule of law by perverting the plain text of the law, to fling the doors wide open, and allow in who would otherwise be illegal criminal aliens.”

Bailey further told us that his state has faced at least 1,100 reports of human trafficking, 1,500 fentanyl overdose deaths, and 43 children killed by accidental fentanyl exposure, all in a single year.

Today’s hearing, titled “Voices for the Victims: The Heartbreaking Reality of the Mayorkas Border Crisis,” also comes after a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, which “examine[d] how the Biden Administration has engaged in a regulatory and policymaking onslaught against the rule of U.S. immigration law.”

Additionally, Senator Roger Marshall has introduced a vote of no confidence resolution against Mayorkas in the Senate as the House ramps up proceedings to impeach the criminal Homeland Security Secretary for violating his oath and fostering a historic border crisis.

More than 11 million illegals have entered the United States since Joe Biden took office, and more than 300,000 illegals were encountered at the southern border last month, setting a new record for Joe Biden’s invasion. Instead of deporting these criminal illegal immigrants, who are primarily military-aged single men, Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are aiding and abetting their invasion by harboring the fugitives and providing them transportation to a city of their choosing — on taxpayer dollars.

Even sanctuary city leaders and blue state Democrat leaders are getting fed up now that their towns are being overrun with illegal immigrants.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, it has gotten so bad in states like New York that students are being forced out of school and sent home to learn remotely to make room to house illegals:

New York City High School Students Kicked Out of Class to Make Room For 2,000 Illegal Aliens

Mark Danniels, Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, and Tammy Nobles, a woman whose 20-year-old daughter was killed at the hands of an illegal MS-13 gang member, were recently added as witnesses to testify on how open borders are impacting Americans.

Via House Homeland Security Committee:

January 16, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, December 18, at 9:30 AM ET, the House Committee on Homeland Security, led by Chairman Mark E. Green, MD (R-TN), will hold a second hearing as a part of the historic impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This hearing will examine the consequences of Secretary Mayorkas’ intentional border crisis to Americans across the country, with testimony from those who have been impacted by his refusal to enforce the laws of the United States.

The hearing will be livestreamed on YouTube and the Committee’s website

“The panel will hear from Tammy Nobles, who previously testified to Congress about the death of her 20-year-old daughter Kayla Hamilton. The suspect in Hamilton’s death, unnamed because they are a minor, is reportedly an undocumented immigrant who was previously arrested in El Salvador for being associated with the MS-13 gang.

“Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels — a 40-year veteran of law enforcement who has previously been appointed to several specialty assignments by Arizona governors — is also set to testify before the committee about his experiences trying to combat border-related issues.”


WHAT: A House Committee on Homeland Security hearing entitled, “Voices for the Victims: The Heartbreaking Reality of the Mayorkas Border Crisis.”

DATE: Thursday, January 18, 2024

TIME: 9:30 AM ET

LOCATION: 310 Cannon House Office Building


Mark Dannels
Sheriff, Cochise County, Arizona

Tammy Nobles
Private citizen

Josephine Dunn
Private citizen

Deborah Pearlstein
Director, Program in Law and Public Policy and Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor in Law and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Witness testimony will be added here.

Watch live below:

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