FANI FIGHTS BACK: DA Willis Attacks Ex-Wife of Lover Nathan Wade After Stealing Her Man — Fani Now Accuses Former Wife of “Interfering” with Her DOJ-Backed Trump Case

Atlanta DA Fani Willis with attornory and lover Nathan Wade – screengrab

Last Friday,Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee has slated a mid-February hearing to address explosive allegations against Soros-funded District Attorney Fani Willis, The Epoch Times reported.

The court acknowledged the need to deliberate on claims that Willis engaged in an “improper” use of funds and maintained an alleged “scandalous” affair with Nathan Wade, the prosecutor Willis hired to lead Trump’s investigation.

Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official and co-defendant in the racketeering case led by Willis, moved to accuse both Willis and Wade of misconduct.

The motion, spearheaded by Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, alleges an “improper, clandestine personal relationship” between Willis and Wade, potentially undermining the integrity of the prosecution against Trump and others.

Fani Willis was earlier subpoenaed to testify in the divorce proceedings of Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she appointed to go after former President Donald Trump and his associates.

According to a court filing obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Willis was served a subpoena at her Atlanta office for her testimony in the divorce case of Nathan Wade and his wife, Joycelyn Wade.

The nature of the questions Willis may face in the deposition remains undisclosed in the subpoena document.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Subpoenaed to Testify in Divorce Case Following Allegations of Affair with Special Prosecutor and Boyfriend She Appointed to Go After Trump

Willis then went to a local church service and lied to the congregation about her payments to her lover Nathan Wade.

Now Fanis is fighting back. Willis is now attacking Wade’s former wife saying she interfering with her bogus case against President Trump!

The AP reported:

A motion filed last week alleges a romantic relationship.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is accusing the estranged wife of a special prosecutor she hired of trying to obstruct her criminal election-interference case against former President Donald Trump and others by seeking to question her in the couple’s divorce proceedings.

A motion filed last week by a defense attorney in the election case alleges that Willis was involved in a romantic relationship with attorney Nathan Wade. A lawyer for Willis wrote in a filing Thursday that lawyers for Wade’s wife, Joycelyn Wade, served a subpoena to the district attorney last week.

The filing says that the subpoena is being sought “in an attempt to harass and damage” Willis’ professional reputation and accuses Joycelyn Wade of having “conspired with interested parties in the criminal Election Interference Case to use the civil discovery process to annoy, embarrass, and oppress” the district attorney.

The attempt to question Willis is “obstructing and interfering” with an ongoing criminal case, lawyer Cinque Axam wrote in the court filing Thursday seeking to quash the subpoena.

Andrea Hastings, a lawyer for Joycelyn Wade, said they want to help her “resolve her divorce fairly and privately” and that any response to Willis’ motion will come in a filing with the court.

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