Megyn Kelly Roasts Biden for 12-Second Campaign Video He Struggled to Even Get Through

President Joe Biden released a new campaign video — if you can call it that — and Megyn Kelly and Michael Knowles have some questions.

Kelly had The Daily Caller’s Knowles as a guest on her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” and they watched the clip together. In fact, it was so good — and by “good,” I mean “bad” — that they watched it twice.

Biden released the 12-second clip on X, under the heading, “Iowa’s over, and there’s still only one person who’s ever defeated Donald Trump.”

Iowa’s over, and there’s still only one person who’s ever defeated Donald Trump.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 16, 2024

Now, I’m certain that after watching that, readers of The Western Journal being the astute observers that they are, you have some questions.

And as I said, so did Kelly and Knowles.

“So, I have a couple of questions for you,” Kelly told Knowles after watching the video once through. “First of all, why is he sitting at the kiddie table?”

She then crouched down behind her desk. “He looks like he’s down here, he’s down here, with his little hands … doesn’t he?”

“I’m a little confused,” Knowles replied. “I need to know which photographers and cinematographers the Biden White House hires. Because, you remember there was that picture with [former President and first lady] Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, where Joe Biden looked like the Incredible Hulk, like he was going to put Jimmy Carter in his pocket?

“And now it looks like he’s an ant or something,” he continued, as Kelly laughed. “There’s obviously a perspective problem.”

“He’s a little kid at the big table,” Kelly suggested. “Why didn’t somebody say, ‘We don’t want him to look like a little person. We want to look big. If anything, we want him to look, you know, larger than life?’”

Then she asked her second question — one that was perhaps more cutting when it comes to Biden’s purported ability to continue to serve as the leader of the free world.

“How many takes do you think that took, and is there any way the original script was only 12 seconds?” she asked.

“Zero chance,” she answered herself, and Knowles agreed, repeating, “Zero chance.”

“He’s not a one-take wonder, that’s for sure,” Knowles added. “And the sad thing is: We know that that was the best take. They obviously used the best take.”

You can watch the segment below. (It’s over five minutes long, but you can skip the last 1.3 minutes or so, which are just ads — just don’t tell Kelly I told you that was OK.)

At that point, Kelly showed the video again, laughing over the last few seconds of it.

Kelly suggested, based on her own extensive experience in media, that the editing of the video seemed to show that Biden couldn’t even get through a 12-second speech.

“He couldn’t even get through even that short bit one time, so they had to use the up-close from the second take,” she said. “This is terrifying.”

“I guess what he’s really saying is, ‘I don’t even need to run, man, we’ve got such a lock on the system, I don’t even need to run,” Knowles said, calling the clip “audacious.”

“This is the most vibrant, vigorous Biden we are going to get [during the 2024 campaign], he went on to predict. “Can you even imagine what the man is going to look like in October of 2024?”

Questions, like I said. Kelly and Knowles have questions. And after the release of this video, I can only assume that more Americans will want some answers, too.

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