RINO REGRET: Mich. RINOs Regretting DeSantis Endorsement, Pro-Trump State PAC and Caucus Split Apart – We Name the Names

Now that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is obviously losing the Republican nomination for President, DeSantis’ Michigan supporters among electeds have been purging the internet of proof that they supported Meatball Ron.

Here are the names:

Now that President Trump dominated the Iowa Presidential caucuses, and the Trumpian 30-point domination makes clear that Trump will be the Republican nominee for President, the RINOs in the battleground state of Michigan are wondering why they were stumping for DeSantis this past year.

Pundits are already declaring the DeSantis campaign the worst ever. Not even heel lifts could bring DeSantis’ poll numbers up.

The RINOs are trying to walk back their prior endorsement of DeSantis, and the establishment successfully splits the small coalitions of pro-Trump elected officials in half.

The next Presidential primary is on Tuesday the 23rd in New Hampshire. Trump is expected to wildly outperform his rivals in the Granite state as well. Trump’s popularity among Republicans nationwide is very strong. Despite Trump’s obvious popularity among the public and Republican voters, elected Republicans continue to spite him in private.

Two groups of pro-Trump legislators broke apart this week in Michigan, aided and abetted by behind-the-scenes RINOs.

NeverTrumpers in the Michigan legislature followed the lead of Rep. Bryan Posthumus in signing a public letter of endorsement for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in late December 2022.

They were so confident in their endorsements, that they refused to release the names of the endorsing legislators for months.

The list includes some of the most liberal Republicans in Michigan, including Rep. Donni Steele who voted in favor of late-term abortions this term, Sen. Joe Bellino who voted to outlaw traditional Christianity by criminalizing opposition to homosexuality, and Rep. Mike Mueller who voted to give hundreds of millions to the Chinese Communist Party to build a battery plant in Michigan.

Michigan’s Republican leaders have a history of backing the worst left-wing Republicans in primaries, where in 2016 then-House Speaker Tom Leonard backed John Kasich, and in 2012 then-House Republican Leader Jase Bolger backed Mitt Romney.

Privately many of the legislators who endorsed DeSantis in December 2022 are trying to figure out how to walk back their endorsements publicly without looking like fools or fair-weather friends.

Meanwhile the establishment Republicans and lobbyists have been busy working to undermine and subvert the remaining groups of pro-Trump electeds. The two groups of Trump supporters were the “Freedom Caucus” within the Republican caucus in the State House, and a newly-formed small PAC calling itself the “Grand New Party.”

The “Freedom Caucus” coalition of pro-Trump conservatives in the State House broke in half this past week, with Rep. Andrew Beeler, Rep. Angela Rigas, Rep. Rachelle Smit, and Rep. Joe Fox formally leaving the group. Rigas and Smit were personally endorsed by President Trump in 2022.

The establishment RINOs leading the minority caucus of the State House have made it a significant priority to break apart any organized caucus of pro-Trump legislators.

RINO Leader Matt Hall made it a special priority to split the group by offering some of the departing electeds perks like leadership positions and vague promises of future legislative wins.

Michigan Republican RINO leader Matt Hall

Republican Leader Hall is the one most responsible for Republicans losing the State House as he spent GOP money in 2022 to support his friends in the primaries, even though such funds are raised from donors to preserve a Republican majority and not simply to be hand-outs to friends. Hall chose the most liberal candidates to overfund in safe primaries, so he could ensure that pro-Trump Republican candidates in close seats lacked the funding to win.

Remaining in the Freedom Caucus are Rep. Jim DeSana, Rep. Matt Maddock, Rep. Neil Friske, Rep. Steve Carra. Both Maddock and Carra were personally endorsed by President Trump in 2022 for their campaigns.

One of the reasons the Freedom Caucus finally broke up was a poorly-thought-out promotional video by the related Grand New Party PAC. The  video led several of the legislators to finally break the caucus in half. The departing members privately complained that they were being regularly pressured by RINO Leader Matt Hall and other legislators to quit. RINO legislators were attacking the group for comparing conservative scores and making them look bad.

Then last night the board of the Grand New Party was similarly split in half as the only two elected officials, Rep. Jim DeSana and Rep. Steve Carra, resigned in lieu of being thrown off the board by remaining board members eager to take sides in the ongoing controversy related to State Party where Kristina Karamo is facing removal and expulsion as Chair. Carra, Maddock, and DeSana wanted to stay neutral or positive towards Karamo, and most of those who remain on the board want to publicly denounce Karamo.

Former State Party Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock said, “We need all hands on deck to support President Trump in 2024 to win Michigan. So any kind of division among true conservatives is disappointing and a distraction from what we should be doing.”

On the eve of the end of the traitor that was “never back down” I would like to remind Michigan voters of the “leaders” who joined in the mutiny. It started with a letter that was so weak they wouldn’t release the names of those who signed for 4 months. @LauraLoomer pic.twitter.com/fXGEVaepVg

— meshawn maddock (@MeshawnMaddock) January 15, 2024

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