Rutgers University Students Masked Like Terrorists Issue Demands Over School’s Stance on Israel (VIDEO)

Rutgers University students who are part of the campus chapter of ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ recently issued a set of demands to the school over its stance on the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The students are masking their faces with Keffiyehs and look like Middle Eastern terrorists.

Do you thin their parents are proud? Is this how their families expected things to go when they sent them off to a prestigious school like Rutgers University?

The Daily Caller reported:

Masked Students for Justice In Palestine Members Demand Rutgers Cut Ties With Israel In Press Conference

Masked Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) members listed new demands for a Rutgers University campus during a press conference Wednesday, which included an order for the school to cut ties with Israel.

Video footage posted on Twitter by a citizen journalist showed three students covering their faces with what appeared to be keffiyehs, or traditional Arab headscarfs. The students led the press conference at the Rutgers University New Brunswick campus.

The student stood in front of a sign that said, “Rutgers profits off of Palestinian suffering” while calling out the school for previously banning the group and listing new demands they claimed need to be met.

“We recognize the attempted suspension of our organization is nothing short of a political posturing by Rutgers University in response to Zionist pressure. From the beginning, Rutgers knew they could not legally uphold our suspension,” one of the students stated. “In order to silence our just activism the Rutgers administration has treated their Palestinian students with malice and disregard — either reproducing vicious anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia or allowing it to foster when students report it.”

Rutgers University previously suspended the New Brunswick SJP group back in December due to complaints the chapter was allegedly disrupting campus life as well as making students feel unsafe, according to

Watch below:

This is not Gaza, this is New Jersey, 2024.

Three masked members of the “Students for Justice in Palestine” branch at Rutgers University made a public statement after the branch’s month-long suspension was lifted.

Among other things, they demanded that the university…

— Olia (@oliaklein) January 18, 2024

Here’s more:

Today I attended the Press Conference held by Students for Justice in Palestine at Rutgers New Brunswick celebrating their reinstatement and listing their demands for the University and President Holloway

— Stu (@thestustustudio) January 17, 2024

If you had any doubt that higher education is indoctrinating young people, this should cure you of that.

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