Coalition of States Target Gun Manufacturers and Ignore Psychiatric Drug Epidemic Linked to Mass Killings

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As the United States faces simultaneous challenges on various fronts, including economic recovery, a public health crisis, and geopolitical tensions, the decision by the State of Maine to  consider joining action against gun manufacturers is shocking considering the failed investigation into the mass killing in Lewiston, Maine.  This type of lawsuit is yet another attempt to blame the guns for the violent behavior of the perpetrator and deflect attention away from the known serious psychiatric adverse side effects of mental health “treatments.”

It is ironic that lawmakers don’t use the same standard of placing blame on psychiatric drugs as they do with gun manufacturers but, rather, continue to protect the prescribing psychiatrists and Big Pharma.  The people cannot compete with having multiple lobbyists of “stakeholders” who support the well-funded parent groups, as in the case of Sandy Hook Promise, who have unlimited funds to do the bidding on pet political issues like the anti-gun lobby.

So now, the State of Maine is doing what is common in these mass shooting, blaming the gun rather than the adverse effects of prescribed psychiatric drugs. The legislation is explained this way, “This is an intentionally particular bill that specifically targets manufacturers who are knowingly endangering the public by selling exceptionally dangerous guns,” Millett testified last May. Rep. Rebecca Millett, Democrat-Cape Elizabeth, had introduced the bill last April, about six months before the Oct. 25 mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. Millett now claims it has additional importance following Maine’s deadliest mass shooting on record.

The following States have joined a political coalition to strategize with President Biden’s bizarre new gun banning office instead of focusing on the failed mental health treatment involved in the mass shootings.

New York
New Jersey

This type of action is an attempt to further erode Constitutional rights.  The State of Maine is clearly withholding the mental health records relating to the mass killing that took place in Lewiston, Maine.  This is a multi-State trend to protect the lucrative billion-dollar behavioral health contractors and drug formulary that benefits the pharmaceutical companies that serves the States, as well as the military.  This pattern, known as hold a blue-ribbon committee – places blame on the weapon used and ignores mental health records and the impact of mind-altering drugs on the killer.

It took the State of Connecticut a year to release the name of the treating psychiatrist of Adam Lanza, Dr. Paul Fox. It also took several years to release the names of multiple drugs that Lanza had been prescribed.  We know that Nancy Lanza made her concerns known to the Yale Child Study Center relating to an adverse drug event from just one of the psychiatric drugs Lanza was known to be taking.  Dr. Paul Fox turned out to be a felon. That was never a highlight of the legislative efforts in the aftermath of that tragic event, nor was the police corruption addressed which included the Newtown police selling drugs and long guns right out of the police station (operation Juice Box – FBI). In addition, Nancy Lanza’s diary was never released that would have clearly discussed the mental health treatment Adam received.  Instead of focusing on reforms in the mental health industry, gun control was pushed and through lawsuits Remington Steel gun manufacturer was driven into bankruptcy.

Maine’s Governor Mills select committee has yet to produce any facts and they have found nothing new.  After every mass killing, States have moved against the gun manufacturers and gun owners without any evidence of wrongdoing, yet the psychiatric industry and drug companies appear to have their fingerprints all over these killings and receive mass funding in the aftermath.

More, more, more mental health is the rallying cry, despite the known serious adverse effects of these drugs.  It won’t be until we stop the massive federal funding of the behavioral health industry labeling system, and the big Pharma drugging of our fellow human beings, that we finally stop this mass killing epidemic.

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