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In the heart of the nation, CondemnedUSA, a legal advocacy group led by the determined Treniss Evans from Texas, found itself at the forefront of several high-stakes legal battles, shaping the narrative surrounding justice, transparency, and the true American spirit related to the January 6th travesty.

Many may remember The Gateway Pundit covering Evans’ sentencing and the bold speech he gave to the Judge who held his fate in her hand.  He spoke out and stood up for the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers; he spoke about the murders of Americans Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland and the questionable deaths of Kevin Greason and Benjamin Phillips.

After the fight for his preservation, Evans showed up at the front of many significant cases and has been involved in cases where the attorneys won more than all others combined.  Evans attributes this to “tenacious and relentless fighters that he has the honor to work with daily as well as spiritual guidance from his church families in Rutherford, North Carolina at The Word of Faith Fellowship and Canyon Lake Texas Solomons Porch.”

The saga continued with the revelation that the J6 Select Committee videos, touted as crucial evidence, were fraudulent. Evans, along with his long-time ally David Sumrall at, collaborated to expose the fraud. They meticulously unraveled the manipulations of timestamps, edited sequences, and discrepancies, casting doubt on the authenticity of the footage. Fueled by newfound awareness, the public rallied behind CondemnedUSA’s efforts to bring these manipulations to light, becoming a beacon of truth in the face of the Sham J6 Committee and its deceit.

Simultaneously, CondemnedUSA assumed responsibility for the legal efforts on behalf of the Proud Boys, a group thrust into the spotlight in the aftermath of January 6th. Treniss recognized the importance of providing robust legal defenses for all individuals and groups ensnared in the aftermath of that fateful day. The collaboration between CondemnedUSA and the Proud Boys underscored the organization’s commitment to impartiality and ensuring that every defendant received a fair and rigorous defense. After Evans brought together what came to be recognized as a sort of “Dream Team”, in the wake of the successes of Roger Roots and Steven Metcalf beating the seditious conspiracy charge for Dominic Pezzola, a new ally at Condemned USA takes center stage. Enter, Norm Pattis as he leads the appeals efforts for the Proud Boys, also funded by CondemnedUSA efforts.

The legal battles have taken unexpected turns, again bringing together Steven Metcalf and Treniss Evans. Together, they set out to free Isaac Thomas from what they asserted was unjust captivity in the D.C. Gulag pretrial. Fueled by a shared dedication to justice, their efforts garnered support from those who believed in challenging injustices within the legal system. “Thanks to those efforts, Isaac will most likely be released this month thanks to the funding from Gateway Pundit readers,” said Evans.

CondemnedUSA again appeared in the headlines, now joined by George Pallas, who strategically pursued a Change of Venue in the AJ Fischer case. This collaborative effort aimed to prove that a fair trial necessitated a shift in the legal setting, commonly known as a Change of Venue. Challenging what they perceived as systemic flaws that could compromise justice. The government, caught off guard by the magnitude of these efforts, admitted in a court filing that they needed to prepare to respond, requesting additional time to address the evidence presented. Evans noted Julianni was recently the victim of the same data he has stated for over a year, which was beneficial to the cases of the January 6th defendants.  Evans has taken the government to the mat on their own teachings and implemented ideology regarding bias and the subconscious mind.

As the legal landscape continued to evolve, Treniss Evans and CondemnedUSA, with their allies, remained steadfast in their pursuit of truth, justice, and accountability. The courtroom drama became a testament to the resilience of the American spirit, rallying individuals from all walks of life to support a cause that sought to uphold the principles upon which the nation was founded. CondemnedUSA’s journey served as a reminder that even in the face of formidable challenges, pursuing justice remains a beacon that can guide the way forward.

Please donate here today to support the unique efforts that serve the January 6th community as a whole and aid citizen-led efforts to assist President Trump in staying in the 2024 elections.

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