Quebec Premier Legault Demands Canadian PM Justin Trudeau ‘Stem the Flow of Refugees’, Says Provinces Services Are ‘at a Breaking Point’

Quebec Premier Francois Legault and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Problems with unchecked mass migration is not a ‘privilege’ of the US, as Canada is also facing an invasion that is wrecking their society.

Of all the Canadian Provinces, French-speaking Quebec has been the most affected, receiving more than half the migrants arriving in the country.

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Now, Quebec Premier Francois Legault is urging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to both ‘stem the flow of refugees’ into the province and to compensate it the costs it generates.

The premier claims Quebec’s services are close to a ‘breaking point’ due to the rising number.

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The massive influx is overflowing schools, made the housing scarcity worse, and packed homeless shelters, Legault said in a letter to Trudeau on Wednesday.

Reuters reported:

“Unfortunately, we are close to the breaking point because of the excessive number of asylum seekers arriving in Quebec month after month,” the center-right nationalist added. ‘The situation has become unbearable’.

Nearly 60,000 new asylum seekers were recorded in Quebec in the first 11 months of 2023 and another 65,000 are expected in 2024, Legault said. ‘On a per capita basis, Quebec has accepted three times as many asylum seekers as the rest of Canada’.”

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Canada targeted unofficial border crossings with the US, like the Roxham Road crossing into Quebec from New York state, that was closed.

But the overall number of people filing refugee claims in Canada has increased, Reuters reported.

“‘The organizations that host and support asylum seekers are no longer sufficient to the task and are requesting assistance as was the case last year at the height of the Roxham Road crisis’, Legault said.”

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Trudeau’s Ultra-Liberal government is coming under pressure for its immigration policies.

The PM’s popularity has slumped in recent months amid complaints about his failed globalist policies in the economy, environment, and of course, immigration.

“The predominantly French-speaking province is historically sensitive on the issue of immigration, with nationalists and separatists often pushing for measures to protect local culture and pressure immigrants and their children to learn French.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc, commenting on Legault’s letter, said Ottawa was committed to working with the Quebec government ‘to find solutions to the challenges posed by the significant number of asylum seekers. We are taking the most recent financial request from the Quebec government very seriously’, LeBlanc said in a statement.”

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CBC reported:

“The closure of the unofficial Roxham Road crossing point south of Montreal in 2023 ‘momentarily’ slowed the flow, [Legault] said.

‘However, the arrivals have continued to increase at airports. The number of people arriving on a visitor visa and applying for asylum is also increasing significantly’.

[…] “Asylum seekers have trouble finding a place to live, which contributes to accentuating the housing crisis,” the letter said. ‘Many end up in homeless shelters, which are overflowing’.”

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Asylum seekers waiting for work permits receive financial assistance from Quebec, at a cost of $33 million for some 43,200 asylum seekers.

Legault wants Ottawa to reimburse Quebec the $470 million it spent on taking in asylum seekers in 2021 and 2022.

‘Quebec is no longer in a position to welcome a disproportionate share of the asylum seekers entering Canada’, he wrote in conclusion. ‘This is an urgent matter of the utmost importance’.”

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