SHOCK VIDEO: Massive Race-Fueled Brawls Between Black and Somali Students Break Out at Minneapolis High School – Two Adults Arrested

Massive race-fueled brawls between blacks and Somalians broke out at St. Louis Park High School in Minneapolis on Thursday. The high school canceled classes on Friday after the series of fights on campus.

High school staff jumped in to stop the fight. At least two adults who got involved in the brawl were arrested.

Per Crime Watch Minneapolis: Arrested parties: Abreeha Annalisa Smith, 22 and Latoys Renail Milon, 41.

“Smith had an active felony warrant for aid/abet theft, as well as two other open cases for theft,” Crime Watch Minneapolis reported. “Milon had an active warrant for theft of services. Both were released after less than 5 hours in jail.”

“Unfortunately, the situation escalated further at the end of the school day when adults (not SLP employees), who were aware of the earlier altercation, became involved in another physical altercation with some of the students,” the statement said.

“As of now, there is no confirmation about the involvement of weapons in either altercation. We are actively gathering information and working closely with law enforcement to understand the full scope of these incidents, including whether or not the incidents were racially motivated.” the school said.

Video via Crime Watch Minneapolis:

We were sent videos of a series of fights that broke out at St. Louis Park HS on Thursday. At least two adults were arrested, and the district canceled classes for Friday. We’re told the fights were racially motivated, and the school is investigating that angle, also.

— CrimeWatchMpls (@CrimeWatchMpls) January 19, 2024

The Daily Mail reported:

A ‘race-fueled’ brawl erupted between black and Somali students at a Minneapolis high school, it is claimed, leading to the arrest of at least two adults accused of joining in.

Abreeha Annalisa Smith, 22, and Latoys Renail Milon, 41, were arrested but later released without being charged after fights broke at St. Louis Park High School in Minnesota on Thursday.

The initial altercation erupted between a group of black and Somali students, it was claimed by CrimeWatchMinneapolis, but the situation escalated when parents, after they became aware of the incident, allegedly joined the fight alongside their children.

Latoys’ daughter, Sanaiah Milon, claimed she was punched to the floor and kicked by dozens of students earlier on Thursday because of ‘a personal beef’. She denied claims the brawl was racially-motivated, although the school is continuing to investigate it as such.

Sanaiah said she had a previous argument with a Somali student months prior. A counselor and school administrator intervened at the time, and Sanaiah said she thought the issue was solved.

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