UPDATE: Petition to Remove Biden from Ballot in Illinois Is Filed – Now Faces Motion to Dismiss by Biden Attorney

Illinois patriots Peggy Hubbard, Shane Bouvet, Timothy Conrad, and Terry Newsome. 


On Friday, January 12, 2024 it was reported that a petition to remove Joseph R. Biden Jr. from the Illinois ballot was filed with the State Board of elections.

The following Friday, January 19th, an attorney for Biden filed a motion to dismiss the petition. Concerned citizens Terry Newsome, Shane Bouvet, Peggy Hubbard, and Timothy Conrad are listed as the objectors. Newsome is a parental rights activist and hosts a Podcast called “Behind Enemy Lines.” Newsome maintains that Biden has violated the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, specifically section 3 of that amendment. The assertion is that Joe Biden has violated the amendment as President of the United States in that he has given, “…aid and comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Shane Bouvet, a coal miner from central Illinois who gained attention from President Trump through a campaign of effective memes during his Presidency, was contacted by the former President directly. He was told, “Good job Shane. Tell the team in Illinois to keep up the good work.”

Biden attorney’s motion to dismiss denies the objectors have presented any “plausible facts,” and claims, “…none of the facts alleged are admissible evidence because they lack foundation and are hearsay…”

On the contrary, within the petition, there is an exhaustive list of facts presented regarding the Biden administration’s violation of federal immigration law and its description of providing aid to enemies.

It’s interesting to note that the petition speaks to the specific legal definition of “enemies of the United States.” What’s more interesting is to whom the Biden administration has provided funding. Biden’s very own State Department specifically lists both Hamas and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran) as designated foreign terrorist organizations.

Coincidentally, or not,  in October of 2023, the Gateway Pundit reported of a, “key procedural victory in its lawsuit to stop the Biden Administration from violating the Taylor Force Act by subsidizing terrorism with American tax dollars.” The aid was meant to go to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. However,  the AFL claims that the State Department documents show the Biden administration knew Hamas would benefit.

Further evidence of “aid and comfort,” comes in the form of the widely reported sum of $80 billion that the Biden administration has gifted Iran during his tenure. The U.S. State Department website does note that the U.S. and Iran severed diplomatic ties in April of 1980 following the takeover of the U.S. embassy. It also advises U.S. citizens not to travel to Iran. It does not mention Iran being an enemy of the United States. However, as noted previously, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps continues to be designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department. At the very least, this would beg the question as to why our government would be providing $80 billion of aid to a country with a military unit on our designated foreign terrorist group list.

Finally, it is no secret that known terrorists on the terrorist watch list are suspected to have crossed the border. Many different outlets have reported varying numbers of these individuals being apprehended at the border. It is unthinkable to imagine that our government would allow known terrorists to slip through the cracks and enter our country. That would also sound a lot like “aid and comfort.” Well, in October of 2023 that’s exactly what happened. In New York city a Senegalese man was released into the country without restriction. Thankfully he was tracked down by the Enforcement and Removal Operations in New York. Yet, this is an undeniable fact, by accident or not, that aid and comfort was provided to a known terrorist by the Biden administration.

It’s certainly “plausible,” to consider that the Democrat-controlled state of Illinois may dismiss this petition on grounds of bias or corruption. The motion of dismissal from Biden goes on to say that the objectors are merely petitioning as a matter of policy dispute. Certainly, this case will come down to the semantics of legal definitions. Given the “plausible facts,” it would appear “aid and comfort” to the enemies of America is an act of which Joe Biden is quite familiar.

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