‘Dexit’: Germany’s Soaring AfD Mulls Future Referendum to Exit the European Union

AfD’s Alice Weidel.

All over Europe, the Globalist-Liberal governments are under relentless pressure, faring very poorly at the polls in the run-up to the European Parliament elections.

Plagued by unchecked mass migration, crippling insane environmental policies, economic stagnation and a general decay of the quality of life, voters are flocking to conservative and right wing parties that have been denouncing these issues and rejecting these policies for years.

But perhaps nowhere in the old continent does a right-wing party generate so much hope and so much fear as the case of Alternative for Germany (AfD), the official ‘bogeyman’ for the unelected Brussels bureaucrats and the world’s MSM in general.

Now Alice Weidel, leader of the poll-topping party, has come out and said that Britain was ‘dead right’ to leave the European Union and that Germany should in fact hold its own ‘Dexit’ vote!

Panic in Brussels.

Weidel said she would push for a referendum on EU membership if AfD came to power and could not secure reforms to curb overreach by the European Commission.

Telegraph reported:

“’If a reform isn’t possible, if we fail to rebuild the sovereignty of the EU member states, we should let the people decide, just as Britain did’, she told the Financial Times.

‘And we could have a referendum on ‘Dexit’ – a German exit from the EU. It is a model for Germany, that one can make a sovereign decision like that’.”

While it is unlikely that AfD will be able to be elected to federal power in the short term, Weidel said a future role in government was ‘inevitable’.

“The AfD is leading the polls in all five East German states ahead of regional elections in September. The party’s results in June’s European Parliament elections will also be closely watched amid predictions of success for Eurosceptic parties across the bloc, including in France, Austria and the Netherlands.

It is polling nationally at 22 percent, behind the centre-Right opposition Christian Democratic Union but ahead of all three parties in Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s struggling coalition government.”

The CDU, the centre-Right party of former chancellor Angela Merkel, would be the first to ally with the AfD.

“We can form a clear right-wing majority. And the CDU can’t refuse to accept that in the long term, especially in the eastern states.”

Weidel said the priorities of a AfD government would be to reform tax laws, slim down the state and end Germany’s switch to renewable energy.

Sounds like a plan!

Of course, there’s the inevitable question of mass deportations, and the ‘secret meeting’ about it causing furor in the MSM-controlled part of the population.

AfD leader since 2022, Weidel was not at the meeting and fired an aide who was.

“’It was just an attempt to criminalize the very idea of repatriating people lawfully who don’t have leave to remain here, or are subject to a deportation order’, she said in an attack on Correctiv, the media organization that revealed the meeting. ‘The AfD is the party that stands for enforcing this country’s laws’, she told the Financial Times.”

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