Hunter Biden Art Gallerist Transcribed Interview with House Republicans Released – Here Are the Top Biden White House Lies Surrounding Hunter Art Scam

Hunter Biden and his blow art.


Hunter Biden’s art gallerist Georges Bergès earlier this month sat down for an interview with Republican lawmakers and his transcribed interview was released on Monday.

What we already knew about Hunter’s latest money laundering scam disguised as art sales:

Democrat donors – including Hunter Biden’s lawyer Kevin Morris – bought Hunter Biden’s garbage artwork.

Another Biden pay-to-play scheme was revealed over the summer.

Over the summer a major Democrat donor and Biden-appointed commissioner was revealed as a buyer of Hunter Biden’s trash pile he calls “art.”

Hunter’s artwork (photo below) ranges from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000+ for large-scale paintings.

In July Business Insider reported that Hunter Biden learned the identity of at least two of his buyers – and one of the buyers got a favor from the Biden White House!

One buyer, identified as Los Angeles real estate investor and major Democrat donor, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, was appointed to a prestigious commission by Joe Biden.

According to Insider, in July 2022, 8 months after Hunter Biden’s art debuted in a SoHo gallery, Joe Biden appointed Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

Additionally, Naftali has visited the Biden White House more than a dozen times and has met with senior advisors.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer Kevin Morris, who already paid off Hunter’s delinquent taxes, bought 11 works of Hunter’s art for $875,000.

Now this…

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee on Monday released the transcribed interview with Georges Bergès, Hunter Biden’s art gallerist.

The Biden White House lied about a so-called ethics agreement in place to make sure Hunter’s art wasn’t being used in yet another influence peddling scheme.

Georges Bergès revealed the following, according to the transcript:

Hunter Biden wanted to know the identities of his art purchasers.
The White House’s “ethics” agreement regarding Hunter Biden’s art was a sham. Bergès said he was surprised at the Biden White House’s claims there was an ethics agreement in place.
Big money Democrat donors purchased the majority of Hunter Biden’s art – and Hunter Biden knew their identities.
Georges Bergès revealed Kevin Morris purchased most of Hunter Biden’s art for $875,000 in January 2023. However, Kevin Morris only paid Mr. Bergès 40 percent commission of the $875,000 purchase and Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris figured out the financial implications. Mr. Bergès admitted he has never done an art deal like that before.
In 2020, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali did not buy Hunter Biden’s art despite Georges Bergès best efforts. Within two months of Joe Biden becoming President, in February 2021, Ms. Naftali purchased her first piece of Hunter Biden’s artwork for $42,000. Then in July 2022, President Biden announced Ms. Naftali’s appointmentto the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad – the same commission that Biden family associate, Eric Schwerin, was appointed to during the Obama-Biden Administration. In December 2022, Hirsh Naftali purchased more of Hunter Biden’s art for $52,000.
Georges Bergès confirmed Hunter Biden’s name had influence on setting the price for his art.
Georges Bergès stated that he has talked on the phone and met in-person with Joe Biden, even attending the wedding the Bidens hosted at the White House.

“Hunter Biden’s amateur art career has been an ethics nightmare, and the White House needs to explain why they misled the American people.” House Oversight Republicans said on Monday.

Full Georges Bergès Transcript

— Oversight Committee (@GOPoversight) January 22, 2024

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