THE OTHER BORDER CRISIS: Thousands of Dogs Are Being Abandoned at the Southern Border

In addition to the waves of human beings crossing America’s southern border every day, another crisis is unfolding. Thousands of dogs are being abandoned by the illegal border crossers who bring their pets only to learn that the dogs can’t come in.

These dogs that are left behind are then breeding which only makes the problem worse.

Back in December, we told you about one reporter who rescued a puppy that had been abandoned.

We clearly need more people to rescue these poor dogs.

TMZ reported:

DOGS ABANDONED BY MIGRANTS … Reporters & National Guard Caring for Pups

There’s a crazy thing happening along the southern border — migrants attempting to enter the United States with their dogs are forced to leave them behind, and it’s creating a whole other crisis.

FNC reporter Matt Finn is on the ground in Eagle Pass, Texas and joined us Thursday on “TMZ Live” to reveal what he’s seeing firsthand … and how he and other TV crews are getting involved, and taking some of the dogs in themselves.

Matt says tons of migrants are trying to cross the border with their dogs, only to be told they can’t bring the pups with them to federal processing centers … resulting in strays roaming the border.

The circumstances leave dogs in need of food, water and shelter … and Matt says troops with the National Guard are taking care of some of the doggos … and he and his producer have helped out too.

If you’re a dog person, this will make you crazy.

So many border pups. Anyone want this guy in Eagle Pass? He’s in rough shape but so sweet.

— Matt Finn (@MattFinnFNC) January 17, 2024

Border Pupdate Today we spotted a dog we took to the vet last year (L) for flea & tick meds. He seems healthy, not scratching & sunbathing by river.

— Matt Finn (@MattFinnFNC) January 17, 2024

Here’s a great update from the journalist who rescued the puppy at the border in December.

One month since rescuing Bella from the border. She is doing great and this is her happy dance when it’s time to feed her.

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) January 20, 2024

What kind of person could leave behind an innocent dog?

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