Tucker Carlson Interviews Catturd, the Man Who Made Adam Kinzinger Cry (VIDEO)

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In a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker Carlson delved into the phenomenon of an internet personality known as ‘Catturd’.

The show provided a rare glimpse into the life and thoughts of this mysterious online figure, known for his controversial and politically charged commentary.

Catturd, or @catturd2, has become a significant presence on social media, attracting a large following for his critiques of “woke liberals” and his takes on current events. His interactions with high-profile figures, including Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump, have only amplified his influence.

In 2022, Catturd posted this meme on the war in Ukraine, adding, “It’s dumb that I’m laughing way too hard at this.”

The tweet triggered outgoing Congressman Adam Kinzinger – who then threatened violence against the online cartoon cat.

Adam Kinzinger: Literal evil. If I met you in person it would not end well… for you. Sicko. Trolls who have never done a thing in their life pretend to be patriots and laugh at real warriors.

That was quite the overreaction to an online meme.

Catturd did not let this go unnoticed.

Catturd responded: Sitting congressman threatens violence against a U.S. citizen over laughing at a meme they found funny. I can’t stop laughing at this infant.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson released the interview with Catturd. “Meet the man who made Adam Kinzinger cry. Catturd in the flesh,” the caption read.

The identity of ‘Catturd,’ a prominent social media personality, has remained a well-guarded secret. Carlson’s interview revealed that ‘Catturd’ is a man from the South, currently residing in northwest Florida. Despite his significant online following, he has chosen to keep his real name private to avoid further disruption to his life.

In the interview, ‘Catturd’ expressed his disillusionment with both the Republican and Democratic parties, seeing himself as part of the true resistance against a corrupt system. He also discussed the threats and challenges he faced due to his online presence, including swatting incidents and targeted harassment.

Discussing the current political landscape, ‘Catturd’ voiced support for former President Donald Trump and shared his skepticism about other potential Republican candidates. He highlighted the importance of genuine political discourse and the danger of censorship in a society that values free speech.

Tucker Carlson concluded the segment by reflecting on the significance of ‘Catturd’s’ story in the broader context of American society and politics. The rise of ‘Catturd’ from an ordinary individual to a significant online influencer underscores the changing nature of political discourse and the power of social media in shaping public opinion.


Ep. 67 Meet the man who made Adam Kinzinger cry. Catturd in the flesh. pic.twitter.com/FBkgJSDsIF

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 22, 2024

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