Two Missing Navy SEALs Declared Dead in Somalia and Joe Biden Hasn’t Said a Word About the Fallen Heroes

Two Navy SEALs who went missing in Somalia earlier this month were declared dead over the weekend and Biden hasn’t even acknowledged the fallen heroes.

The two unidentified SEALs went into the Gulf of Aden on a night mission on January 11. After a 10-day search, the US military declared the special operators deceased.

“We mourn the loss of our two Naval Special Warfare warriors, and we will forever honor their sacrifice and example. Our prayers are with the SEALs’ families, friends, the U.S. Navy, and the entire Special Operations community during this time,” General Michael Erik Kurilla, CENTCOM’s commander, said in a statement.

“Out of respect for the families, no further information will be released at this time,” CENTCOM said.

ABC News reported:

The U.S. military has ended an “exhaustive” 10-day search and rescue mission for two Navy SEALs who went missing on Jan. 11 in the waters of the Gulf of Aden and are now presumed deceased, according to a new statement from U.S. Central Command.

The military is conducting recovery operations for the service members, CENTCOM said Sunday night.

Military officials said that the U.S., Japan and Spain used air and naval resources and “searched more than 21,000 square miles” for the missing SEALs, scouring the gulf off the coast of Somalia — to no avail.

The two SEALs went into water in mid-January during a nighttime boarding mission to interdict a dhow suspected of carrying Iranian-made weapons for Houthi militants in Yemen, military officials have said.

Dhows are small fishing or cargo vessels that are sometimes used by Iran to smuggle weapons.

As a small Navy craft approached the dhow on Jan. 11, one of the SEALs fell into rough waters and, following protocol, a second SEAL dove into the water in a rescue attempt, according to officials.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden hasn’t released a statement on the fallen heroes.

Biden is once again on vacation at his Rehoboth Beach house.

In fact, Biden spent Sunday flying around on Marine One on taxpayer dime. He flew from Rehoboth Beach to his Wilmington home then back to his Rehoboth Beach house.

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