Former MLB Great Steve Garvey Calls Out Adam Schiff for Lying About Russian Collusion in First CA Senate Debate (VIDEO)

Screenshot: FOX 11 Los Angeles

During the first California Senate debate, former baseball player turned Republican candidate Steve Garvey confronted Congressman Adam Schiff for lying to millions of Americans about Russian collusion with President Trump’s campaign.

The debate, which took place Monday, featured four candidates vying for the seat left vacant by Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Adam Schiff, or “Shifty Schiff,” known for his role in the sham impeachment trials of former president Trump, faced off against World Series & 10x MLB All-Star champion Garvey, as well as fellow Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee.

Throughout the debate, the Democrats focused their criticism on Trump’s presidency and attempted to corner Garvey on his stance regarding the former president.

Garvey asserted that Trump was the right choice in both the 2016 and 2020 elections while remaining non-committal about the upcoming election.

While all candidates sought to establish their political stances, the debate took a dramatic turn when the topic of Russian collusion was broached.

Garvey bluntly confronted Schiff for lying to the American people.

“I think you’ve been censored for lying,” Garvey asserted, referencing Schiff’s past statements on Russian collusion.

Serial liar Adam Schiff knew there was no collusion between President Trump, his family, or any of his campaign officials with Russian officials.

Yet he pushed this lie with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for years. As later revealed in the Durham Report, Hillary Clinton’s plan to link Trump’s campaign to Russia was briefed by former CIA Director John Brennan to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in August 2016! It was a Democrat plot.

This is why Republicans in Congress voted to Censure Schiff.

Schiff countered the “accusations” by asserting his censure was a consequence of confronting a “corrupt president,” a stance he claimed he would proudly take again.

“Mr. Garvey, I was censured for standing up to a corrupt president, and you know something? I would do it all over again. Because that corrupt president, that president who’s been indicted with 94 felony counts, that president that you won’t refuse to support… yeah, he’s a danger. And I will stand up to him, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and any of those MAGA enablers of his in Congress. The reason why our democracy is in trouble is because folks don’t have the courage to stand up when they need to,” claimed lying pencil-neck Adam Schiff.

Garvey, unfazed by Schiff’s argument, persisted, “Sir, you lied to 300 million people. You can’t take that back.”


The Gateway Pundit reported last year that Gavin Newsom’s senate replacement for Dianne Feinstein, radical Marxist lesbian Laphonza Butler, actually lives in the Old Line State rather than the Golden State. She was even registered to vote there last year.

Butler replaced the late Feinstein, who passed away in late September.

Butler announced last month she would not run for a full six-year term. She will instead just serve out the remainder of Feinstein’s term, which expires in 2024.

It turns out lying pencil-neck Adam Schiff, who wants to replace Butler, has a very similar problem. He, too, has claimed his primary residence as Maryland.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck reported that his primary residence is a large 3,420 square-foot home based in Tony Montgomery County. He reportedly maintains a little condo in Burbank, California as another “primary” residence likely to reduce his tax bill. It’s questionable whether he even goes there.

Kaczynski and Steck say tax records show he paid California property taxes using his Maryland address. Moreover, they reveal more records and photos on his social media accounts which show Schiff actually makes his full-time home in Maryland.

But wait, there’s more! The deed records demonstrate that Schiff first designated the Maryland home as his primary residence in 2003. Schiff then refinanced his mortgage in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 while continuing to claim the Maryland house as his primary home.

The Los Angeles County deed records for Schiff’s Burbank condo, which were purchased in 2009, were notarized in Maryland according to CNN. In addition, the state of California and the county of Los Angeles are crossed out on one page of the deed. Maryland and Montgomery County are written in.

CNN also reports that the records list Schiff’s Maryland home as the address to which the records are being returned.

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Lying Pencil-Neck Adam Schiff, Who Wants to Replace Laphonza Butler of Maryland as California’s Newest Senator, Lives in Maryland Too!

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