Journalist Glenn Greenwald Destroys the Leftist Narrative That January 6th Was a Coup (VIDEO)

Glenn Greenwald is not a conservative, not even close in fact, but he is an honest journalist.

During a recent panel discussion for Zero Hedge, Greenwald absolutely destroyed the Democrat/media narrative about January 6th being an attempted coup.

Greenwald uses logic and the true definition of words to systematically dismantle every claim of the left. It’s just brutal.

Townhall reported:

Glenn Greenwald Brutally Eviscerates All the Narratives Peddled By the Left About January 6

The latest narrative Greenwald is trying to exorcise from the souls of liberals is that January 6 was an attempted coup, armed rebellion, or an insurrection. It’s an emphatic no on all fronts. Joe Biden is president, the military was not deployed, and Trump left willingly. All of the characteristics of a traditional coup d’état are absent, and the former Guardian journalist slaps down all the points made by liberals Destiny and the Krassenstein brothers, Ed and Brian.

If there is one critique of Greenwald, which could be viewed as a positive or a negative, maybe he shouldn’t agree to participate in some of these debates. This one, held on January 7, had Alex Jones on the panel. It was a ZeroHedge debate, which is an interesting site, though one which, at times, veers into territory that’s out there. But this is America, and we have free speech. And I tip my cap to Greenwald for not being afraid to discuss any issue with anyone.

Someone clipped Greenwald shredding all the points made by the Krassensteins and Destiny, aka Steven Kenneth Bonnell, a video game streamer, by photoshopping bruises and cuts on their faces every time Greenwald delivered a counterpunch:

Watch the video, this is great.

Glenn Greenwald calmly explains to Destiny and the Krassensteins that January 6th wasn’t an insurrection, and Donald Trump did not attempt a coup.

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) January 23, 2024

Such a brutal takedown. Republican candidates might want to study that video.

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