Lauren Boebert’s Attempted District Swap Not Going as Planned

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) is a conservative firebrand with a very respectable session score of 84% on the Heritage Action scorecard. But despite her national profile, Boebert has never had an easy general election and her margin of victory has dwindled.

She said her recent decision to change districts from the Colorado 3rd to a district more than a hundred miles away from her residence was motivated by uncertainty surrounding her chances at re-election.

Unfortunately for Boebert, the anger and confusion created by her district swap is resulting in that same uncertainty rearing its head in the Colorado 4th District as Boebert faces a tough primary fight on the Colorado front range. In addition to constant attacks from the mainstream media about her personal life she faces a tough primary foe in Trent Liesy, a Navy veteran with deep ties to the district and the organizer of pro-Trump convoy rallies in the aftermath of a ruling that removed President Trump from the ballot in the state.

It remains to be seen how Boebert will be embraced by a district she’s unfamiliar with but many former supporters in her old district have spoken out against the congresswoman.

In a scathing Facebook post Savannah Wolfson, a former volunteer of Boebert blasted the congresswoman for abandoning the district saying “I’ve watched her lose the grassroots support in her district and ditch the district altogether instead of listening to us.”

She is our Jamal Bowman,” Wolfson added. Because “she hurts us and humiliates us, then snubs any criticism while pretending to feel sorry.”

Wolfson also claims Boebert’s “new campaign manager reports directly to Ronna Romney McDaniel and the RNC.”

Drew Sexton, who worked for the RNC before joining Boebert’s team as Campaign Manager, has so far declined to comment to a Gateway Pundit request for comment.

Despite the gripes against Boebert it will be hard to defeat the rising star. She’s already picked up a major endorsement from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R- LA) who issued a statement saying he would “fully support her campaign:”

She has stayed true to her conservative principles and fought to produce real results for Colorado, from defending energy producers to increasing critical resources for our veterans and supporting rural ranchers and farmers. I am proud to endorse and fully support her campaign for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District because we need fighters like Lauren Boebert in Congress.

Her opponent Trent Leisy disagreed with that assessment.

“Lauren Boebert has switched to a district on the complete opposite side of the state” Leisy told The Gateway Pundit. “A district that I am running as the America First candidate in. Colorado needs as many pro-Trump fighters as possible. Sadly, Lauren has proven that she’s not a fighter by giving up the fight to keep her district red,” he added.

Trent Leisy and President Trump


Like in any modern Republican primary contest, the “X factor” will be the Trump endorsement, which hasn’t happened for Leisy or Boebert yet.

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