POLL: Trump Edging Biden Among Latino Voters in Blue New York

Joe Biden’s intentional border crisis is going to take center stage in the 2024 election. The issue is driving voters right into Trump’s arms.

In New York, Trump is overtaking Biden among Latino voters and it’s largely because of the invasion taking place at the southern border.

Latino voters are typically seen as part of the Democrat coalition and this is a blue state.

The New York Post reports:

Trump edges Biden among New York Latinos as migrant crisis rages: poll

President Biden’s popularity has plummeted so precipitously in New York that he trails former President Donald Trump among Latino voters amid the unrelenting migrant crisis — though the Empire State would still vote blue in a 2024 matchup between the two, according to a new survey.

Trump leads Biden 42% to 39% among Hispanic voters with the remainder undecided, according to the Siena College Poll released Monday.

As recently as November, the incumbent Democrat led his predecessor by 27 points in the traditionally left-leaning demographic.

“I would think it’s very concerning [for Biden]” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “It fits in with what we’re seeing nationally.”

Biden, 81, beat Trump, 77, by 23 percentage points in New York in 2020. This time, however, the president leads Trump by just nine points, 46% to 37%, which tracks with Biden trailing the 45th president in other battleground states.

When independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West are included, Biden and Trump’s vote share drops to 41% and 32%, respectively.

Republicans should not write off New York in November. It looks like the state is in play.

This is wild to the point where I don’t believe it. Trump leads Biden among New York Latinos 42% to 39%. But even more insane Trump, who lost NY to Biden by 23 points, is only down 9 in New York 46% to 37%. Crazy https://t.co/9AMSNNFVKH

— Sean Fitzgerald (Actual Justice Warrior) (@IamSean90) January 22, 2024

Trump winning New York would be monumental and a huge embarrassment for Democrats. Could it happen?

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