Guest post by Nevada US Senate Candidate Dr. Jeffrey Gunter, MD:

In politics, like in business, people are the most important currency. And in the case of Donald Trump, it’s his own family who is proving to be one of his greatest political assets.

While Hunter Biden has proved to be nothing more than a perpetual headache for team Biden by being the source of drama, illegality, debauchery, foreign corruption, and lies — Donald Trump Jr, on the other hand, has consistently been a vital voice for not just his father’s historic political rise, but for the MAGA base more broadly.

And it’s been on full display in recent months, with the eldest Trump son coming out strongly against the prospect of a Nikki Haley VP slot.

He’s made it clear over and over again that he would do everything to stop such a swampy pick from being forced onto the ticket. And he’s right.

This is the time to stand up for the MAGA movement. It’s not the time to surrender to the swamp.

In short, Donald Trump Jr. understands the America First base as well as anyone.

He’s been a leading voice against woke DEI madness.

He’s been leading the way on the parallel economy with businesses like PublicSquare.

And he’s doing the work on the ground and on the airwaves in key battleground states to get the message out and motivate voters.

It would have been easy for Donald Trump Jr. to just sit on the sidelines and enjoy his success in real estate.

After all, Democrats dragged him through hours upon hours of testimony in the Russia Hoax and other sham investigations.

It would have been easy to just move on from it all. But he’s shown himself to be as authentic of an America First warrior as anyone.

While Hunter Biden gets treated with kid gloves like he’s just some harmless, trouble-making kid, Don Jr. had to ensure lies, smears, and abuse all over nothing.

But he’s stayed in the fight. And is one of the most important voices for his father, the America First movement, and for hard-working families all across the country.

It’s why the courage of Donald Trump and his family inspires me more and more every day.

It’s what inspired me to run for U.S. Senate in Nevada. Because the status quo is not an option.

And it’s why I endorsed President Trump’s 2024 campaign the moment he announced.

As President Trump’s Ambassador to Iceland, I saw firsthand what President Trump’s leadership did to ensure safety and security across the globe.

And now, we see what the weakness of Joe Biden is doing to allow evil from our most brutal adversaries into our great nation.

This election is about saving America, plain and simple.

It’s about doing what’s right in the moment that matters most.

America’s sovereignty is at stake. The integrity of our whole justice system is at stake, and the well-being of America’s working families is at stake more than ever.

So let’s make sure that with all of Donald Trump’s momentum, we put authentic and electable America First fighters on the ballot this November, so President Trump has all the backup he needs to deliver victory after victory starting on Day One.

Dr. Jeffrey Gunter, MD, is an American healthcare executive, philanthropist, diplomat, and former U.S. Ambassador serving as the 24th United States Ambassador to Iceland. He is currently a candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

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