‘F*** OFF’: UK Zoo Deals With ‘The Curse of the Cursing Parrots’

Five African grey parrots were united by fate. They were formerly all domestic pets, and each came from a different household.

They were all gathered by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. And, as they say… birds of a feather… they all turned out to be extremely foul-mouthed – or is it fowl-mouthed?

Some say these birds need to wash their beaks out with soap.

Now, the park has hatched new plan to stop their potty-mouthed parrots – who are now eight – from cursing, telling zoo visitors to “f*** off.”

New York Post reported:

“Lincolnshire Wildlife Park revealed they are taking eight cuss-happy African Grey parrots — including five who went viral in 2020 — and grouping them with 92 “non-swearing” birds to improve their language.

‘I’m hoping, above the general noise of the flock, the swearing will be drowned out’, the park’s chief executive Steve Nichols told [the press].

‘When we came to move them, the language that came out of their carrying boxes was phenomenal, really bad. Not normal swear words, these were proper expletives’.”

But the people responsible for the birds are aware of a potential grave danger: if all goes wrong, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park could end up having one hundred cussing parrots!

African Grey parrots are known for their acute cognitive abilities (equal to a 5 year old human) and impressive skill to mimic speech.

“’Six of them have got men’s voices, two of them have got ladies’ voices and when they’re all swearing it does sound really bad’, Nichols said.”

The five birds were quarantined together due to the draconian lockdown mandates.

They somehow taught each other ‘a wide range of curse words and expletive phrases’.

“’People have come to us but they think it’s highly amusing, we haven’t had one complaint’, Nichols told The Guardian in 2020. ‘When a parrot tells you to f—k off, it amuses people very highly. It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year’.”

Now, those eight birds are still swearing like sailors, and will have to endure the latest experiment to try and stop the cursing completely.

Or else, there’ll 100 crazy parrots cursing all at once.


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