It Begins… Politico Urges Trump Supporters to Skip His Historic Rallies

President Trump’s political rally in Waco, Texas in March 2023. ONLY President Trump can bring out this crowd of supporters.

The Democrat Party has done everything they can to ruin President Donald Trump. The junk lawsuits couldn’t stop him. The insurrection lies couldn’t stop him. The 14th Amendment smears couldn’t stop him. The FBI spying and lies couldn’t stop him. Lawfare charges by crooked District Attorneys. Threats of 700 years in prison for manufactured crimes. Stealing over $250 million from his business for paying off business loans. Brutal harassment of his family.

None of this stopped President Trump from his mission to save America from the Marxist horde and the power hungry elites.

Now, the left has a new tactic.

Politico today is now urging Republicans to skip Trump rallies. They don’t think its fair that tens of thousands will come out for Trump when Old Joe can only garner a few hundred supporters to come out and see him – and many of those are paid supporters!

Millions of Americans have seen President Trump speak in the past 8 years. The elites want it to stop.

From Politico.

The line snaked along the driveway, hundreds of people long. The weather was dreadful in southern New Hampshire — ice and the slush and the subfreezing temperatures — but Donald Trump’s faithful didn’t care. They were willing to wait two hours in the freezing cold, and three more in an airless ballroom, to witness what promised to be a triumphal occasion: The day before, their besieged champion had won a resounding victory in Iowa, and tonight’s rally would be his victory lap. The night held forth the possibility of Vintage Trump — punchy, emboldened, zany — and they were willing to wait for it.

Just after 7 p.m., Trump took the stage, two hours late. “If you think that it was easy to get here, you are wrong,” said Trump, who arrived in a militarized motorcade driven by combat-trained drivers. His audience — who had navigated their SUVs and pickup trucks across slick highways and frozen back roads — chuckled awkwardly. It was clear Trump did not want to be here.

Trump’s rallies, once the primary attraction in the MAGA universe, have become awkward sideshows in his grander political drama, which is now unfolding primarily in closed courtrooms and six-page legal orders. (Just that morning, Trump had appeared in court in New York.)

But something deeper than distraction or fatigue plagued the former president’s appearances in New Hampshire. Trump’s speeches have always been rambling and directionless, but in 2024, they have the additional drawback of being inescapably monotonous.

They can’t stop Trump. So now they are begging you to ignore him so they can continue their mass destruction of America.

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