The Failing ‘Daily Show’ Bringing Back Leftist Hero Jon Stewart One Night a Week for Election Season

The ratings-challenged ‘Daily Show’ is bringing back Jon Stewart to host the show for one night a week during the 2024 election.

This is such an obvious move and it serves two purposes. First, leftists might start watching the Daily Show again. Second, Stewart will be used to bash Trump, Republicans, FOX News, and all things conservative. Just like he did for years as the host of the show.

It’ll be the same old, tired jokes that Colbert and Kimmel have been telling for years now.

NBC News reports:

Jon Stewart returns to ‘The Daily Show’

Longtime viewers of “The Daily Show” will soon see a familiar face back in the hosting chair. Jon Stewart, who hosted the show from 1996 to 2015, will return to the program, NBC News has confirmed.

The news comes after more than a year of uncertainty in the search to replace Trevor Noah, who just took home an Emmy for best variety talk series. The comedian exited in 2022 after hosting for seven years. He had taken over from Stewart.

Stewart will host Monday nights through the 2024 election and then will continue as executive producer for every episode until the end of this year and the next, according to a news release from Comedy Central. On days Stewart is not hosting, “The Daily Show” will continue to rely on a team of rotating correspondents.

John Nolte of Breitbart News makes some great points about this:

FACT: The Daily Show was never popular. Jon Stewart has never been popular. Stewart’s ratings were a joke, even at the height of his popularity. But because Jon Stewart says what he’s told to say and pretends to be a truth teller as he pimps out his integrity to protect the fascist establishment, the establishment rewarded him by creating an artificial environment that presented Stewart as a national phenomenon — even though less than one percent of the population watched his Daily Show.

Without that affirmative action, Stewart cannot survive, which is why he flamed out at Apple TV+ and HBO. Stewart is nothing close to popular and has nothing close to a following. The only time most of us saw Stewart was when the fake news media ran his clips over and over and over again as propaganda.

This is why Stewart is being brought back. The left sees him as a political weapon and that’s how he will be used.


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