Trump Destroys Democrat Plan to Back NeoCon Nikki Winning More Votes then He Received in 2020

The numbers from the New Hampshire primary tell the story. Here is my prediction from Friday:

Nikki Haley is likely to make a strong showing in New Hampshire because it is an open primary. That means that Democrats and Independents who will vote for Joe Biden can cross over and vote for her. That is likely to happen. Keep in mind these numbers. In the 2020 Primary Trump secured 129,734 votes, which represented 84% of the vote. In 2015 Trump won 34% of Republican voters with 100,406 ballots cast for him.

With 84% of the votes counted, Trump is on track to rack up 174,000 votes. That is almost 45,000 more then he garnered in 2020, when he was still President. As I predicted, Nikki Haley received a slew of votes from Democrats who crossed over intent on embarrassing Trump. That’s a big fail. A vast majority of Republicans and Independents cannot stomach Haley. Much of the mainstream media is pushing the meme that Trump is more unpopular. Nope. Just the opposite. At least in New Hampshire, Trump is more popular now than in 2020 or 2016.

The plot to use lawfare and the media to attack Trump and weaken his support is backfiring. A growing number of Americans are repulsed by the incessant verbal assaults on Trump. Until the Covid ambush, most Americans thrived and prospered under the Trump Presidency.

Democrats are in a real bind. Barring a heart attack or a stroke, Joe Biden is running for a second term with a record that makes Jimmy Carter’s time in office look great by comparison. With wars raging in Ukraine and Gaza, the United States and the United Kingdom in a standoff with the Houthis who are blocking Israel’s use of the Red Sea, and growing tensions with Iran, Biden’s prospects of running on a platform of keeping America out of foreign wars is nil. Then there is growing bipartisan concern about the flood of illegals crossing the southern border and the mayhem they are causing in major U.S. cities. Fear and uncertainty about the domestic situation in the United States is going to influence more voters than the continued efforts to encourage hatred of Trump.

The United States is in uncharted waters. The Republican establishment hates Trump but they love being in power more. Than means most will hold their nose and get on the Trump train. Trump’s opponents from 2016 — Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — already have voiced their support for Trump. I suspect Trump privately hopes Nikki Haley stays on the campaign trail at least through the South Carolina and Nevada primaries because it gives him a chance to savage the establishment and rally, not just his base, but the other Americans disgusted with the antics and failed policies of Dementia Joe Biden.

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