Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza – Gets Called Out for Constant Shootings in His City

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has called for a ceasefire in Gaza, because all of the cool kids on the left are doing that now.

You would think that a man in charge of a city that sees multiple shootings every week would know better than to even bring up this topic, but that apparently didn’t occur to Johnson.

People on social media quickly reminded him.

FOX News reports:

Chicago mayor calls for Gaza cease-fire, but social media reminds him of violence gripping his own city

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson was lampooned Thursday after calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war when many pointed out that his own city could use one.

Chicago has become infamous for its crime crisis. Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell, who lost his 18-year-old brother to a 2022 shooting incident in Chicago, has called his hometown an “active war zone.”

Johnson has joined other progressives in calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, saying “the killings need to stop,” but his remarks didn’t go over well with conservatives when Chicago PBS reporter Heather Cherone shared them on social media.

What does this even have to do with being the mayor of Chicago?

BREAKING: Mayor Brandon Johnson joins the call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, saying that “the killing needs to stop” after the deaths of 25,000 Palestinians, and supports the resolution that the City Council did not vote on today.
Johnson: “We need a ceasefire.” @wttw

— Heather Cherone (@HeatherCherone) January 24, 2024

People responded:

Has he achieved a ceasefire in Chicago and moved on to international diplomacy now?

— Tim Murtaugh (@TimMurtaugh) January 25, 2024

Netanyahu should call for a ceasefire in Chicago

— David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) January 25, 2024

What we really need is a ceasefire in Chicago.

— House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) January 25, 2024

Mayor Brandon Johnson should stick to #Chicago politics, it looks like he’s failing miserably on the local level.

Parts of Chicago are a war zone.

— Colorado Charlie Lee (@ColoradoCharlee) January 24, 2024

Real question – Has a Chicago mayor or city council ever devoted so much time and effort on a foreign war? If so, when?

— StuckInTheMiddle (@fennerrifica) January 24, 2024

Perhaps Mayor Johnson could focus on enforcing Chicago’s many gun laws and arresting criminals before he ventures into the world of foreign policy.

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