Jan 6 Patriot Panel Twitter Space Tonight 7pm est!

The J6 community is assembling to discuss a breakthrough Change of Venue survey conducted by Triton Polling & Research – and we want YOU to join the action!
Tonight at 7 pm EST join the J6 Patriot Panel Twitter Space using the link https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpvllOWmKE
There will be a jam-packed list of speakers including attorney Steven Metcalf who help orchestrate the new polling along with Epoch Times reporter Patricia Tolson & Gateway Pundit Reporters Alicia Powe & Cara Castronuova!
We will also be joined by Patriot leaders from the Conservative Daily podcast, Professor David Clements and Joe Oltmann!
Our Twitter Space will be covering the staggering data that has been released today on J6ChangeOfVenue.com for Jake Lang’s recent court filing. The results tell a story of EXTREME bias in the Washington DC jury pool against the January 6ers.
Other J6 community leaders will be in attendance like Patriot Mail Project founder Paula Calloway, Montana Sheriff Chris Caltagirone, and Police Use of Force Expert Steven Hill.
The lineup will be giving their two cents on the most egregious polling data that has been procured to date in the January 6 defendants’ cases.
Other top Conservative voices will be in attendance from BlessedNewsTV.com including Pete Santilli, Jeff Crouere & Mic Rosado! The all-stars are all here!!
Join us tonight at 7 pm est on Twitter Spaces to hear the solutions & actions & unity of the Jan 6 community!


The January 6 Patriot Panel is BACK!!
20 patriot speakers and Jan6 community members will be discussing the staggering new polling data finally showing the immense bias Washington D.C. residents/jurors have against January 6 defendants!… pic.twitter.com/lPfKGe6CAy

— Jake Lang – January 6 Political Prisoner (@JakeLangJ6) January 25, 2024

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