The Difference Between Having the Strongest Military in the World and Having a Military Industrial Complex

I’ve started to detect some chatter on the America First side of the house that reflects a blurring of meanings.  Our military leadership has become woke and there needs to be change to eradicate this toxic cancer.  However, we need the strongest military in the world to deter any overt or malign challenges to America.  President Trump made that clear in his first term.  Until recently, the American military was one of the highest regarded institutions in the country.  What is becoming blurred is that because of a disease in our military, there is this impression that the  military is now inherently bad and building up the U.S. military must also be bad.

With that path of logic, the conclusion is that anything military is automatically now part of the insidious Deep State and is counter Constitutional.  Let’s please parse this a bit better.  Despite having someone encumbering the White House that didn’t necessarily earn this encumberment, China is on the march, the world is on fire, and we must build up our military simultaneously with using the Congressional role of the House of Representatives to hold the Biden Team accountable.

America First means having the best military in the world

President Trump had many accomplishments during his first term.  One of his biggest was rapidly re-building the U.S. Military, worn out after 16 years of forever wars.  The Trump accomplishments were many.  The Trump Administration had, “Rebuilt the military and created the Sixth Branch, the United States Space Force”.  Despite being mocked and slow rolled by the Deep Staters, the Trump Administration established the Space Force to ensure American parity against the rapidly expanding Chinese Space enterprise.  The military was used in a spectacular and successful manner to reach out and kill the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and eliminate the world’s top terrorist, Qasem Soleimani.

These were the proper demonstrations of how to use the military to carry out national objectives of meting out punishment to villains.   Baghdadi and Soleimani were responsible for the death, injury, and torture of many Americans.  The U.S. Military performed flawlessly; they prepared the battle space with decisive situational awareness, finalized the plan, reached out, eliminated these evil people, and re-deployed.  Under America First, that is the model.  When a threat defies deterrence, our military projects force, teaches an important life lesson and then returns.  Permanent base camps aren’t set up in region which bankrupt the military with forever war constant deployment cycles to fill these base camps.  This only wears out our military personnel and gives the enemy a target to shoot at.   We’re facing a constant assault on these Biden re-established base camps now in Iraq and Syria – putting thousands of Americans at risk and with hundreds of injuries.

Deterrence is the first mission, destroying anyone who challenges the deterrent is the next

 The Biden Team frets away, obsessed with virtue signaling concepts such as “proportionality” and “degrading” in warfare.  Instead, they should direct the annihilation of anyone who dares assault the American or allied militaries.  I don’t remember Powell or Schwarzkopf telling us to “degrade” the Iraqis or be “proportional” with them in Desert Storm.  The best way to prevent conflict is to prepare for it.  The Reagan Doctrine is the Trump Doctrine:  Peace Through Strength.

This includes a first-class military that can deter and thus prevent conflict.  To have this first-class military, there must be a first-class defense industrial base.  Trump had the country on the pathway to re-building the industrial base, which depends on a strong civilian industrial base of manufacturing.  Now the Biden Team is in a panic because 70 years of Globalism and exporting manufacturing jobs to China have destroyed American manufacturing.

Having a Military Industrial Complex is a bad thing

To be clear, a De-Wokified Military that is overwhelmingly powerful is a good and America First tenet.  This includes a vibrant economy, based on a dominant manufacturing base, thereby enabling a world class defense industrial base.  But a Military Industrial Complex, as President Eisenhower warned, is bad, and is not the same as an America First Defense Industrial Base.  How is it different?  A Military Industrial Complex includes Civilian members of the Bureaucracy (remember, by law, DOD is a civilian led organization), Uniformed Military members, and military manufacturers that get us in forever wars.  Wars with no intent of winning or accomplishing objectives, just perpetual conflict because it increases orders of war material and provides jobs for the elite.  At all times there must be transparency and accountability to diminish anything that looks or smells like a Military Industrial Complex.

Retired General Milley attending the World Economic Forum is the poster child for the Military Industrial Complex.  Milley coordinated directly with the Communist Chinese to undermine President Trump.  The modern Military Industrial Complex is Globalist and places Globalism and even China first, the American Citizen last.  We need the strongest, best military.  That is a good thing.  That is very different from the Forever War Military Industrial Complex.  We need to know the difference and need to spin up the De-Wokified Military as fast as possible and put it in high gear when America First is back in the White House in November.

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