VIDEO: TGP’s Cara Castronuova Describes the Federal Agent Assaulting Her Outside of Court on Tuesday with Ivory Hecker

The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova with Ivory Hecker on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines on the assault she suffered at the hands of a federal agent in Washington DC.

After violent J6 cop Lila Morris testified in court yesterday at J6 defendant Luke Coffee’s trial, The Gateway Pundit reporter Cara Castronuova waited outside to catch her on her way out of the courthouse. The second Morris left the courtroom she was flanked by a group of what appeared to be approximately five federal agents and attorneys. 

Officer Lila Morris is famous for beating an unconscious Rosanne Boyland repeatedly with a police stick until it broke while Rosanne lay dying on the Capitol steps on January 6, 2021. Cara Castronuova was the first reporter to identify Lia Morris as the abusive cop who beat the dying woman without cause.

The Gateway Pundit waited outside to interview her about her alleged assault of Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland, but Officer Morris literally vanished without a trace.

Our only interview options left were the feds and the swamp creature DOJ prosecutors that had just portrayed Officer Morris as a victim on January 6th…when Morris was the one seen violently beating peaceful protester Rosanne Boyland before she died.

During Cara’s polite questioning of the far-left DOJ attorney outside the courtroom, a federal agent, possibly with the Department of Justice, assaulted Cara on the sidewalk.

The agent, who we are working to identify, rammed into Cara Castronuova. The agent blindsided Cara and pushed her back down the sidewalk. This stunned Cara and she was unable to continue her questioning of the DOJ attorney.

On Wednesday night Cara Castronuova joined Ivory Hecker on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines to discuss her ordeal outside the courtroom on Tuesday.

Cara Castronuova: The prosecutors are guilty in my opinion of really trying to cover up what really happened with Lila Morris and Rosanne Boyland, who have painted Lila Morris as a hero that day. And I asked some questions, I said, “Doesn’t Rosanne Boyland’s life matter?… Isn’t this police brutality against the law?” I asked very reasonable questions. And the man shoved me, literally shove me, assaulted me, right on camera for everybody to see. They’re lawless and they have really no fear of the law. I guess because they are federal agents so it was very, very, I really don’t know what the word is, to shoved right on camera by a federal agent when I’m just doing my job as a reporter asking questions that were very reasonable about what was going on in the trial.

Ivory Hecker: Yeah, we have that video. We can roll that tape. (video plays)… You said you talked to the prosecutors. Did any of them answer the questions? I’ve talked to prosecutors who answered questions before.

Cara Castronuova: I’ve asked questions of January 6 prosecutors before. They’re very non-transparent… A question a lot of people have been asking all of these years. Was Lila Morris bludgeoning Rosanne Boyland with a stick what killed her? Was it pepper spray? Was it her getting stuck underneath the pile that police had created. There’s many theories about how she actually died and we’re just trying to get to the bottom of it…

Cara then shared with the audience that Rosanne Boyland definitely did not die from a drug overdose that was reported at the time of her death by the US government.

Via Gateway: Beyond the Headlines

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